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The pen is indeed mightier than the sword. Here’s how to choose the right words to captivate your readers, for the right times, aimed to captivate your readers and propel them to take action for a specific cause. 


I think we can all agree that words are the almighty and essential tools which can change prospective individuals into actual clients, as they are inconceivably vital to business people. “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat it’s fruit” – as the proverb goes.

The way sales agents convey their services and speak with prospects can dramatically affect the result of a discussion and either build or break long term relationships. 

Which is why it is also important to keep in mind that utilizing the wrong expressions may throw an adverse effect on the proposition, while adjusting only a couple of words in your speech may make your customer want to invest quite quickly.

In a proposition, the hidden message is positively crucial obviously, however the words used to convey it are as important, if not more. Which is why every salesman ought to end up becoming a word geek.

Since language and dialect are incredible assets which empower you to associate with gatherings of people and goad them to make a move, it is important to know that for marketing agents, the significance of utilizing the “right” words can’t be exaggerated.

In our rapid-fire world of quick communication some people have gotten into a world of trouble over poorly constructed/translated text messages. How can anyone ever truly decipher what the other person is actually trying to say? I mean emojis help but…

Curious about what words or expressions will create a spark with your supporters and push them to read your messages, open up your website or blog and invest in your product? Here’s everything you need to know when it comes to choosing the right words for your readers:

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The Word ‘You’

We know what you’re thinking. How can such a basic and common word make people want to buy your services?

The key to selling is knowing that it is not your company that matters, but what issues you can fulfill for your prospective clients.  And when you directly address these clients by using the word “you” as often as possible, it makes them think they’re the main priority, which they are. 

How many times have you heard a salesperson go on and on about themselves and you just want to run in the opposite direction? Now unless they can quickly spin this in to a scenario which involves you and your matters you are unlikely to be interested and your eyes will soon glaze over. Good sales people make it all about YOU. They ask questions to find out everything they can about YOU and what you need to serve you best. 


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The Word ‘Imagine’:

No one loves a story or a fantasy more than customers. This is because well spun tales remain in individuals’ minds more promptly than direct boring facts and information of deals. Want to be the best sales agent? Then don’t just utilize stories in your discourse, but also ensure clients consider themselves to be the heroes.

You can do this by using the word “imagine“. All of a sudden, the client isn’t simply finding out about a superior future empowered through another item or administration – they’re really imagining themselves enjoying it. This is another form of incorporating the ‘YOU’ element but embellishing it more with a fascinating tale that draws them in further. 

The Word ‘Value’:

According to Colleen Francis, an author, “Customers don’t care about features and benefits. They only care about value and achieving their objectives.” Make it clear to the prospect that buying your product will benefit them more than it will profit you.


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The Word ‘Guarantee’:

By using this word, you are assuring them that you are confident in your product or service for many reasons, and that they have too much to gain by investing in them, and not much to lose. 

Now, remember that people do not buy for rational reasons, they buy more from an emotional reaction, then it would seem logical for you to know the words that appeal to the emotional element within this process, right? 


And just like that, for the same reasons, you can also use these words:

  • do 
  • try 
  • and 
  • fast
  • new 
  • last chance 
  • lifetime 
  • no risk 
  • dependable 
  • secure
  • proven
  • verified 
  • safe
  • easy 
  • certified 
  • endorsed 
  • money back
  • authentic 
  • protected 
  • benefit 
  • advantage 
  • genuine 
  • secret 
  • insider 
  • free 
  • advice 
  • consensus
  • money
  • discover 
  • see 
  • hear 
  • tackle 
  • show 
  • because 
  • save 
  • love 
  • opportunity. 

These are the words that get results, and by using them in your sales-copy your visitors will be more inclined to read your sales page, trust you more, which will eventually lead to more sales.

Then there are the negative words, the ones that can cause your sales-copy to repel your visitors to the point of chasing them away from your site.

If your site is not making any sales then you might want to check your sales-copy to see how many of those words are used on it in the wrong context.

Here are 26 negative words that should be avoided in your sales letter and ads, unless you have the skill to turn them around to your advantage:

* Buy

* Difficult

* Death

* Obligation

* Wrong

* Failure

* Fail

* Decision

* Bad

* Deal

* Cost

* Sell

* Taxes

* Worry

* Loss

* Hard

* Contract

* Pay

* Worse

* Worst

* Owe

* Negative

* Loser

* Deny

* Regret

* Liability

Now, you must understand that these words while negative, and should be avoided as much as possible, they can be cautiously used in your sales-copy or advertising to evoke fear, or worry in your audience for a particular reason. 

But, you should immediately use some of the positive words to quickly dispel these emotions, and get them back on track to where you want them to go.

See the magnitude of words and the power they hold? 


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Phrases such as once in a lifetime, invitation needed, one of the very few, insider information, be the first to hear about, members only, subscriber’s exclusivity, limited edition, login needed, etc. make your clients feel that they are exclusive and important and that their opinion matters.

So, if you are having questions about how to write effective sales-copy, then you might want to pay close attention to your use of words in all of your advertising and marketing, and make sure that you are using them to attract your visitors, instead of making them run for the hills! 



Choosing the right words can make all the difference in captivating your target audience and the overall success of your business! 

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