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If you’re reading this you know that side hustles are a favorite way of making extra money. Today Gen Zers are getting in on the action working as virtual assistants and are earning $100 an hour with their side hustles.

What would you do with an extra $1,000-$4,000 per month? Working as a virtual assistant allows you the freedom and flexibility to work where you want when you want.

According to a Zapier survey conducted in May 2022 on 2,032 adults, two-thirds, 59%, of Gen Zers say they currently have a side hustle. On average, they spend 10.5 hours per week on their hustle.

If you are one of this younger generation and are considering starting a venture yourself, the opportunities for what you can do are endless. You can try some affiliate marketing on your social media channels, for example, become a consultant, or doing errands delivering food, driving or doing some secret shopping.

Another side hustle to consider is virtual assistance, which includes a wide variety of activities. “Whatever your core skills, you can literally get paid to help someone hone those skills,” says Jen Glantz, founder of Bridesmaid for Hire and creator of the Monday Pick-Me-Up and Odd Jobs newsletter.

Here’s what virtual assisting covers, how much you stand to gain, and where you can find gigs.


Virtual Assistants work from anywhere

The term “virtual assistant” is a catchall for a wide variety of tasks and can work from home or anywhere with an internet connection.

Scheduling, event planning, social media management, research, “Maybe you’re great at Excel or you’re great at Google Docs or you’re great at Photoshop or you’re really great at organization,” Glantz says.

Check out virtual assistant profiles on sites like Fiverr and Upwork to see what types of services they offer, then consider what kind of skills you have to offer. Keep in mind, just because you don’t see those skills listed, doesn’t mean you can’t offer them.


Try sites like Belle, Robert Half or Fiverr

There are a myriad of options in terms of how to find virtual assistant work.

  • sites like tighten Help connect virtual assistants with employers who need their services. You’ll apply on the site and they’ll put you in touch with potential employers who pay between $18 and $21 an hour, according to the company. Keep in mind, they love you working the nine to five window.
  • job search sites such as Robert Half, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter and Monster List contract or part-time virtual assistant positions. You can filter by remote gigs, if that’s what you’re looking for, and see how long each project can take. Gigs on Robert Half can pay as much as $30 an hour.
  • Freelance platforms like Fiverr And Upwork lets you create packages or pages based on the type of skills you want to offer. Employers then find you accordingly. Virtual assistants on Fiverr charge as much as $250 per package.
  • social media platforms like facebook Feature group dedicated exclusively to virtual assistants. Employers will post gigs and anyone interested can contact. The I Need a Virtual Assistant group recently saw postings for Canva experts and bilingual Spanish/English speakers.

How much time you invest in your virtual assistant venture is ultimately up to you. Check out the gigs available, see what they’re asking for, and consider whether it works with your schedule.

After all, the more specialized your skill set, the more you stand to gain. Creating email campaigns, building WordPress sites, managing online subscriptions – these are all niche skills. For very niche roles, “you’re often talking at least $100 [per hour] And above,” Angelique Rivers, founder of Boldhaus, a consulting firm that helps small businesses find corporate clients, previously told CNBC Make It.

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Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

 Pinterest virtual assistants are able to provide additional income for their families such as the following: 

Paid off credit card debt
✅ Started an emergency fund
✅ Put more money towards paying off their student loans
✅ Saved for their dream vacation
✅ Worked towards financial independence
✅ Enhanced their current lifestyle (a new purse, perhaps?)
✅ Seeded their new business with the goal of taking it full-time
✅ And more!

In addition to the extra monthly income, Pinterest VA’s have been able to work from the comfort of their own homes at a time that’s convenient for them, while on vacation and still spend ample time with their families. That’s a win-win, right?!

Pinterest is one of the most powerful and EXTREMELY popular VISUAL search engine social marketing tools for business owners, bloggers, entrepeneurs and affiliate marketers. Pinterest is second only to Facebook.

Pinterest generates over $300 million in revenue with an average of 2 billion pins searched for each month!

With Pinterest being the fastest growing website by overall member growth – there’s a ton of bloggers and businesses out there that need help with Pinterest!

Some very savvy people have taken advantage of this niche to start their own successful and lucrative Pinterest Virtual Assistant careers! So can you.

All the resources your business needs to get started is below! 

Start a Lucrative Side Hustle as a Pinterest Assistant

pinterest icon

Being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant is an amazing Side Hustle! For one thing you can do it from home, advertise your services for FREE on Facebook or your own website, work in your spare time or even as a full-time gig for a full-time income. Why not share your knowledge of Pinterest with others and make some serious money from it? 

Thousands of bloggers and business owners are busy writing their content and managing their site they don’t have the time to market on Pinterest which is a vital key to their success. You can be a crucial solution to their problem! 

Problem: One of the very necessary tasks for bloggers is that they need to pin a ton of high-quality images and often. It’s quite time-consuming unless you know the strategies behind it.

There are lots of lessons to learn to get pins seen and re-pinned and creating the perfect pin-nable images, text and size. It can all be quite tricky especially for the beginner blogger.

Bloggers and small business owners are looking for someone who understands how important their presence on the web and social media is. Pinterest is the perfect platform for them.

Your services are JUST WHAT THEY NEED, but they need to find you and your services. How do they do that? 


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Here are the steps to follow to be a Pinterest virtual assistant and get found by your target audience so you can start EARNING a great living from home.

1) Set Up and Manage Your Own Pinterest Profile

If you don’t have a website yet no need to worry.  Focus on the social media platform that you want to work within. Facebook and Pinterest is best.

Then go ahead and create the perfect Business Pinterest profile. 

Pinterest side hustle image

Give a detailed description of your services, focusing on how you can help your clients.

Re post and pin regularly and join group boards through Facebook, and pingroupie. Join blogging groups and Facebook groups where bloggers hang out.

If you already have a Pinterest profile set up a separate one for business.

The business one needs to be specifically focused on what your services are. Don’t confuse people by adding pictures of irrelevant subjects.


2) Set Up Your Virtual Assistant Website

Now it’s time to spend a little money on a good website for your virtual assistant or side hustle business. If you can do it yourself great! There’s plenty of options through Wix, Squarespace, WordPress etc. It doesn’t cost a lot at all to do this.

You can set up a hosting plan through Bluehost for as little as $2.95 per month. They’re safe and secure, super speedy, you get your domain name for free and their customer service can’t be beaten!

This needs to follow the same branding as your Pinterest profile. It’s essential that you use the right keywords, which means finding out about the keywords your target audience is using to find someone like you. i.e. Virtual Assistant, Blogging, Social Media Assistant, Pinterest help etc.

Use Google AdWords or the SEMrush tool to find out this information. Or simply type in the search bar to see what populates to see what people naturally search for.

Make sure your website has all the legal and professional requirements. These include your Home Page, About Page, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Contact Page. Make it easy for people to get in touch or learn more about you.

Read 11 Essentials You Must Have for Your Website.

Make sure your website looks professional. Your website helps to build trust. Remember, it’s your Storefront and should represent you and your services in the most utmost favorable manner possible. It must be SEO keyword-friendly. 


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3) Make Your Pinterest Assistant Services Clear

There are two ways of selling your Pinterest services: either as an account manager or an assistant. You want to be a Pinterest virtual assistant, so you need to make this service clear.

On the Hire Me page of your website, detail the types of services you offer such as:

• Creating Beautiful Rich Pins simply through Canva, Adobe or similar graphic editing for Pinterest


• Automation scheduling services through Tailwind or Avalanche
• The ability to find and join group boards to drive traffic
• Monitor the accounts for any comments
• Understand the sharing rule of other people’s pins
• Know all about branding with pins

As an account manager, you’ll also need to watch the analytics and understand more about the profile settings and promotion. If you’re not too sure about this, don’t offer it. Stick to the basic virtual assistant roles for now.

4) Market Your Skills

Now that you have your website and Pinterest profile set up, it’s time to start marketing!! This is the fun part!  You can definitely use Pinterest for this, but just make sure to be where your target audience is likely to be.

They could also be on Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok etc… Search blogs for ideas and help, use Google and VA and Freelance sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Indeed, CraigsList, FlexJobs etc.

You could also always contact people directly through FB Messenger or set up an email campaign through email marketing software such as ConvertKit, Aweber, Constant Contact or another automatic email marketing system.

It sounds like a lot but setting up these tasks don’t take a lot of time. And once you are set up you can be on your way to earning upwards of $20-$40 or $50 per hour depending on the services you offer, your experience and the type of clients you book.

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Is there really a market for Pinterest virtual assistant services?

Businesses look for this service every single day on Facebook!  Pinterest is a major search engine and not a social media platform as some think.

It is one of the biggest traffic drivers to a website which is why so many bloggers are on it. 

Twitter, and even Facebook don’t compare in terms of getting traffic.

You can get started today and capitalize on to earn money as a Pinterest VA. It will without a doubt give you an edge over other more general social media VAs.

There are so many businesses out there that need this service and don’t want to hire someone in house to do it. This is a very popular service right now. I myself use it and hire people right from Facebook or Fiverr. 




It’s really important to use a range of marketing techniques.

You could even start your own Blog about Pinterest by sharing tips and tricks.

The point is to get your services and knowledge out there. Why just use Pinterest for your own interests? Start monetizing your know-how to companies that need your services and make a great income from it!

How Much Can a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Earn?

A virtual assistant can earn up to $100 per hour today.

A Pinterest virtual assistant rate is between $25-$80 per hour depending on location and level of experience. It’s important to gain experience, learn and get results before you can increase your pricing.

But as you start to get results, you can raise your rates! Many Pinterest VAs earn anywhere between $25-$60+ per hour depending on experience or provide flat monthly packages that range from $250-$1200+.

One tip I learned is that larger brands and businesses have real marketing budgets.

This means you could earn much more per month than working with a small company.

As your experience grows you can work with larger brands and charge a much higher monthly rate.

As you grow more confident with your level of expertise, you will most likely want to change your job title from Pinterest VA to a Pinterest Manager. 

This allows you to charge significantly more, level up your clientele and work with brands that have a larger marketing budget!

Part of the reason it’s so exciting for others who want to become a Pinterest virtual assistant is it really doesn’t matter what your background is!

Anyone can learn how to become a Pinterest VA as long as you have a strong worth ethic, are organized, enjoy working with clients and love Pinterest.

If you don’t want to figure this out all on your own the perfect course for you is PINTEREST POPULAR.

This complete course by Nadalie Bardo teaches you everything you need to know about Pinterest to get more traffic, subscribers and sales for your clients or your own Pinterest business.

pinterest icon
Image by ivke32 from Pixabay




Whether you opt to become a Pinterest virtual assistant or perform a side hustle in another field, the important thing is to get started today to be well on your way towards a brand-new lucrative career that you enjoy and that earns you good money!


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