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Today, businesses must deal with competition from around the globe. Closing a sale is more challenging than it once was. In this post we’ll discuss how you can land the next big sale!

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In the past, companies could lean on traditional sales techniques and be almost assured of landing new customers.

Now, you must reach contacts in a variety of ways and hit all the notes perfectly to create a harmonious enough relationship to land the sale. 

Issues such as changing consumer behavior post-pandemic and new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) all come together to create issues for sales professionals.

Let’s look at how your business can land the next big sale and what you can do as a business owner or marketer to increase your odds of success.

1. Increased Competition

Business owners face more global competition than ever.

Many people opened their own businesses after being laid off during COVID and found they enjoyed running an e-commerce store.

On top of competing with big players such as Amazon and Walmart, you must also have better everything than the small mom-and-pop shops that have gone online. 

Customers have a plethora of choices and can easily hop to a competitor if they aren’t happy. You must figure out how to serve a unique demographic within a niche and hit all the high points on everything from customer service to delivery times. 


2. Consumer Boredom

When you engage your audience, you create an opportunity for connecting, which translates into loyal customers for the long-term.

On an average day, people wake up, check their social media, text a few friends and scroll through video platforms. 

They interact with various people, run their kids to practice, engage with others at their work and work through their inbox with dozens of ads from various companies. 

The point is that you have to bust through a lot of noise for your target audience to hear you.

If you don’t keep your customers engaged, you’re going to lose them to someone who will. 

3. Company Policies

Most companies have tons of policies and rules.

Leaders may spend most of their time coming up with new programs or new ways of doing things just as the employees learn something new.

Figuring out how to land a new client may be more complex than it should be because the salesperson has no idea what is allowable.

Instead of forcing salespeople to guess, make it clear what they can and can’t do.

Hint: The more flexibility you give your people to offer specials and come up with custom solutions for potential clients, the more leads will turn into customers. 

4. New Technological Advances

Technology is advancing at an even faster clip than anyone predicted. Experts predict the global AI market alone will be worth $142.3 billion in 2023.

If your sales team doesn’t stay in tune with the changes, you risk falling behind and losing leads to companies that do stay up with the latest trends.

Start by utilizing customer relationship management software to keep track of clients.

Do you know when it’s time for them to place another order? Your system can send them an automated reminder and reach out after it’s fulfilled to make sure the customer is completely satisfied with the experience. 

Big clients, in particular, expect an upper level of service that’s difficult to offer without the use of new technology. 

Train Your Employees to Be Customer-Centric

Customers want to know you care about them as individuals and you care about the world as a whole. Many look at what social causes you invest in and believe in, while others just want excellent customer experience.

Landing your next big sale doesn’t have to seem insurmountable.

Even though consumer buying habits have changed and competition is bigger than ever before, you can still close the deal with a little bit of sales savvy and determination.

Try the tactics listed here and see if your conversion numbers increase. Keep tweaking and trying new things until you have enough significant clients to increase your revenue substantially. 

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