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Don’t mess with TikTok creators! A brand-new trend has emerged on the social media giant that is now targeting rich influential celebrities who recently paid mega bucks to attend the Met Gala in NYC. TikTok isn’t just a place to watch light funny videos anymore. It’s turned into a legitimate town square where ‘regular’ folks are voicing their opinions and outrage against what they deem societal wrongs. And they’re making a big impact.

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What is the #Blockout2024 TikTok Trend?

The #blockout2024 TikTok trend has emerged as a grassroots movement where regular users are encouraging others to block and unfollow wealthy celebrities and influencers to prevent them from earning massive advertising revenue through views and engagement. 

By encouraging people to deliberately avoid or block the accounts of these prominent figures, the movement aims to disrupt their social media earnings from brands and businesses they are promoting.

The campaign taps into wider sentiments around wealth disparity and challenges the influence of social media personalities on content consumption. 

Hey, why not kick ’em down a notch eh?

After all, the celebs at the Met Gala paid a whopping $75K per ticket, with a ten-seat table at a staggering price of $350,000. A drop in the pan for the wealthy…

TikTok Influencer Faces Backlash

One famous influencer on TikTok who cooed “Let them eat cake” on video while donning an over-the-top Marie Antoinette style dress that could probably feed a small nation is facing severe backlash on the popular app.

The famous ‘Let them eat cake’ phrase was attributed to Marie Antoinette, Queen of France during the French Revolution as her response to the plight of the impoverished masses who couldn’t afford bread. 

The expression supposedly highlighted her insensitivity and ignorance of the poor’s living conditions. 

And creators are lining up to teach this influencer a lesson (I’m not going to link to her account or mention her name because I myself have blocked her). 

They are also calling out and citing callous CEOs like Kellogg’s CEO Gary Pilnick who told everyday folks to “Eat more cereal for dinner” as a solution for rising food costs.

Creator Aniston Reid and blockout2024 and many other creators on TikTok are making it their life’s mission expressing outcries of how people with degrees and full-time jobs can’t afford groceries today in the US. 

Why Gen Z and Gen Alpha Can’t Afford Life in the USA (

Other creators are saying that we live in a real life ‘Hunger Games’ where the rich are devouring the poor. 

Some creators have even created side by side videos with scenes displaying the decadence of the Met Gala compared to people starving and injured in Gaza.

Others are going as far as to create personal lists of all the celebrities and even companies they’re affiliated with that users on social media should ‘block’ to limit their earnings. 

These creators don’t hate celebrities. They just want to level the playing field.

This TikTok trend also want to raise awareness of how celebrities use their fame and fortune to further their personal brands and increase their already vast revenues from ad companies, rather than donating to social injustice and crucial causes that are affecting our world negatively today. 

So, what are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments! 

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