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Managing your online reputation should be one of the tasks at the forefront for all business owners nowadays. Doing business online is ever changing. Google and the major social networks alter their algorithms daily. On top of the day-to-day tasks of running your own business, the last thing you want to have to do yourself is monitor your online reputation and what people are saying about you across the internet. Read on how to manage your online reputation with ease.

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Like it or not social media is word of mouth advertising.

It’s the key way businesses engage with their clients in today’s fast paced world and the number one-way people complain about you!

As we know it bad news spreads at a Mach 10 speed. As a business or blog online, you need a way to take control of your reputation. And things under control and fast!

Over 70% or more of potential consumers now search on their mobile devices when they need a product or service. And if you don’t show up quickly in the rankings, they’re not going to call.

Today, the online reputation of your business is absolutely crucial to success. Embrace the new technologies and you will thrive. Ignore it and well…you might have to say ‘sayonara’.

“It takes 20 years to build a business and 5 minutes to ruin it.” – Warren Buffet


Online reviews, social media, accurate business listings, all impact your reputation and whether a consumer decides to do business with you.

Studies show up to 89% of people go to their mobile devices when they need a service. Meanwhile, you need a method to manage all these factors in a manageable and scalable way, without breaking the bank and driving yourself crazy.

No need to fret! There’s plenty of powerful resources and tools out there to help.

Best Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation

  • Monitor what people are saying about you online and improve your visibility in local search. Use powerful tools to see how you stack up against the competition, stay in the know with automated alerts and get progress reports to see how your online reputation has improved.
  • Manage your online reputation from one platform: Compile reviews from dozens of sites so you can easily see what’s being said about your business online. Use competitive benchmarking to see how your business rates.
  • Show up where people are looking exactly when they’re looking: Improve your search rank by identifying online business listings that are inaccurate or missing from essential directories like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Bing and others.
  • Hear what customers are saying about you on the web: Monitor sentimentality and when your business is mentioned in a variety of sources, including news sites, blogs and social networks. Highlight the most positive and lessen the negative comments by addressing immediately and using automated sentiment analysis and influencer scoring.
  • Stay on top of it all with automated analytics reports, insights and alerts: Detailed reports break down how your business is faring in online conversations and helps you understand what to do. Alerts are also sent every time new information is found.


Take advantage of social media listening tools from Sprout Social to get a grasp on the landscape of what your clients and customers are saying about you to improve your overall business and reputation!

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Sound overwhelming? Believe me we understand. With everything you have going on to run your business you don’t have time to figure all this out and monitor your business as well.

Reach out to me for help promoting your business, customizing your digital strategy and creating reviews and testimonials to improve your success online!

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