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Media kit templates are an essential tool for your small business. It is a basic tool that is sought by prospective advertisers and media publications alike. Many small business owners and bloggers still neglect to construct a quality media kit template, and their outreach suffers all the more for it. Creating one is so super simple nowadays with beautiful templates you can easily and affordably get from Creative Market or another affordable online digital asset store. The hardest part is picking one you like the best!

Read on to view some amazing and simple to use media kit templates that can help boost your business and your blog!

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social media template by creative market

Why Build a Small Business Media Kit?

Let’s start with the basics – what is a media kit used for?

A media kit is a collection of information about you and your business, and about aspects that you’d like highlighted to different individuals. The primary use of the media kit is to supply media professionals – magazines, trade publications, newspapers and media sources – with the information of interest to them, in the hope of getting exposure for your business or blog by being featured in various media outlets.

Another popular use of the media kit template is to show prospective advertisers and sponsors or supporters who you are and what you do so that they can determine the worth of advertising with you or sponsoring your business or events.

It is in your best interest to build a strong media kit so that you have this ‘go-to’ resource at the ready for all interested parties upon request, and so that you can easily pull together information for distribution purposes.

You should build the basic media kit template ahead of time and then personalize it for specific publications or parties as need be.

Conducting business online is the preferred method for new and established businesses. This means that more and more businesses use digital media kit templates.

A well-designed digital promo kit should explain to a marketing company or PR rep what makes your business and blog different from similar businesses that they are receiving promo kits from.

It should also share with them why they should contact your business and how the services you provide are better than your competitors. Below is some information that should be included in your introduction to achieve the best results.

how to master social media post

What Should Be Included in a Media Kit?

One of the first things that you should include in your kit is an overview of your business or blog. This should be written to explain to the company what it is exactly that your business does, who you best represent, how you became established and your goals for the future. It is also important that you clearly list your rates in this section so that it won’t be overlooked later on.

The next part of any successful digital media kit is a well-written FAQ page. This page of your media kit is used to inform readers of what makes you stand out from your competition. By writing this content in a Q & A format, it is easier for the reader to locate the information that they are looking for.

You can also include the number of social media followers and stats you have here or previous brand collaborations. This is also a great way for you to inform your readers of any specialty services or partnership opportunities that your business or blog may offer.

The contact information for you and your company should be the next page that is included in your kit. This page is used to list all of the ways in which potential customers can contact you to inquire about your services. In addition to including your phone numbers and email addresses on this page, you should also include any links to your social media accounts. This makes it easier for potential customers to contact you in a variety of ways.

A digital media kit is a great way to promote your business or blog and everything that it has to offer. Using a digital media kit is also a great way to promote yourself without spending a large amount of money on postage and advertising fees. There are many benefits to using a digital media kit to promote your business; the important thing is to make it a reflection of yourself and everything you have accomplished or hope to.

Styled Promo Media Kit Templates That Suit Your Brand

In order to gain the right exposure for your business, you need to send out a properly styled and designed media kit that represents your brand. Media kits that can give helpful information and statistics about your blog and business and help journalists and brands understand more about who you are, what you do and which audiences you most appeal to.

You may send a media kit to a journalist directly or send it to a brand, where a marketing or PR rep will field it.

Below is a post on exactly how to do so with an email template included.

How to Pitch to Brands and Get Sponsors for Your Blog

Include This in Your DIY Media Kit

If you want to make a media kit for yourself, you will need to include the following information about your blog:

A bio: This should be for you and the history of your blog.
Contact info: Make sure they know how to get in touch with you.
Graphics: Use images that you use on your blog to break up text.
Statistics: How many views, subscribers, social media followers and more.
Previous work: Show previous collaboration or press about your blog.
Ideas about collaborating: Explain what you want and how a brand or journalist can work with your blog.
Testimonials: Remarks from companies you’ve worked with in the past about the experience.

Resource – Creative Market

Media Kit Templates for Creators

If you have all the info to include in your media kit but you’re not sure how to design one that will look good, the following templates from Creative Market will help. They are a wonderful resource for all types of digital assets from logos to graphics, templates, social media boards and more.

*Please note these are just some examples of media kit templates from my partners at Creative Market. The examples listed may or not be available so please visit their template page and type in the name of the template to find the ideal one to suite your business.

1. Blogger Media Kit Template | 3 Pages

This blogger media kit template example is three pages long. It is minimalistic, clear, and has lots of room for images, making it a great choice for food, fashion, and photography blogs.

 creative market

2. Blogger Kit & Co

This template by Blogger Kit. Co. offers a five-page kit, as well as cover letter and rate sheets. It includes an Instagram-specific rate sheet, so it may be a good choice for an influencer or anyone with a particularly large social media following.

creative market

3.  Two Pages

This media kit template is short but, if your stats speak for themselves, it’s the perfect media kit for you.

creative market template

4. Press Kit Template

The.French. Resume created a press kit template that is extremely versatile. This kit may be useful for a fashion blogger or model — someone whose looks help sell their brand.

creative market

5. Blog Media Kit Template

This two-page blog media kit template is more text-heavy than some. It’s a good choice if you are a blogger who wants to list previous collaborations, sell with statistics and explain your mission. It may be the right kit for a blogger who is just starting out.


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6. Blogger Media Kit

This media kit template can be edited in Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign. It is extremely editable, which means it’s good for nearly any blogger who wants to adapt and use it.

press kit creative market

7. Symbolis Blogger Kit

Egotype has created a 20-page blogger media kit. It’s intended to be used by fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, fashion businesses, beauticians, and stylists.

symbolis blog media kit

8. Template for Blogger

You can easily customize this media kit, which includes high-resolution graphics and flowing text styles. It’s relatively text-heavy and may be good for bloggers who are known for their writing.

paula robert creative market

9.  Two Pages

This two-page media kit that features large images is an excellent choice for lifestyle bloggers. It’s created for Word, so you don’t need specialized design programs to edit yours.

live well media kit creative market

10. Two-Page – “Live Freely”

This Microsoft Word-based template features a full-page image. That makes it good for beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers, travel bloggers, models, and more.

live freely creative market

11. Black and White Template for Blogger

This black-and-white media kit is best for bloggers whose work isn’t as visual. It can be edited in Photoshop and Word.

paul robert media kit template

12. Media Kit for Bloggers

This great media kit for food bloggers shows off stunning visuals. It’ll make your mouth water.

For tips on how to start a successful food blog read this post!

How to Start a Successful Food Blog

food blogger template creative market

13. Media Kit Template No. 2

Pixel & Oak’s media kit template is minimalistic and polished. It’s two pages long and compatible with Photoshop and InDesign.

14. Blogger Media Kit Template

Blogger Kit Co. made this extremely versatile media kit template that is three pages long and editable in Word.

blogger kit co

15. Blog Media Kit + Sponsorship

Any non-tech-savvy blogger should be able to use this kit, since it is editable in Microsoft Word. It’s a great choice for writers, comedians, photographers, and more.

blogger media kit

16. Rose Gold Blog Template

The designer of Rose Gold explains that this stunning media kit is for “fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, fashion businesses, beauticians, and stylists.” It’s four pages long, with one page of advertising and sponsored rates.

blogger rose gold media kit


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17. Media Kit + Sponsorship Set

This Word-formatted media kit template is straightforward and minimalistic. It’s versatile, so a good choice for any blogger who has lots of stats and info to share with potential sponsors. 

blogger kit co

18. Influencer Template

This three-page media kit template is geared towards fashion influencers. It’s editable in Word and Photoshop.

blogger menswear creative market

19. Lifestyle Blogger Template

This template is described as “dapper,” and it’s handsome in black and white. This is a great choice for male fashion or lifestyle bloggers.

20. Golden Blog

This is a polished media kit template that was designed for onscreen viewing. It’s photo-heavy, so great for beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers, stylists, and more.

creative market template

Once you get the word out about your blog it’s time to make sure your blog and its brand is in tip-top shape.

Browse various design assets on Creative Market to find photos, logo creator kits, typefaces, templates and all kinds of remarkable digital assets that can make your blog stand out and look professionally designed.

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20 media kit templates to boost your business