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Ryan Biddulph of Blogging From Paradise gets to the truth and the heart of the matter about how to promote other bloggers to get more traffic. No man is an island as they say, and the blogging world is no exception. There’s simply no way you can expect to increase your own blog traffic if you market only with yourself in mind. Read on to follow his pro tips! 

Why is Promoting Other Bloggers Important for Your Blog?

Blogging can be a lonely, isolating existence at times. Bloggers can get trapped in their own little ‘blogosphere’, inside their head and forget about the bigger picture. Sometimes we get sidetracked and lose the point. The purpose after all is to share great information, be the solution to someone else’s ‘pain points’ and solve the acronym WIIFM? (What’s in it for me) for your readers and customers. 
Being in the age of information we’re overburdened with gazillion tons of info out there and your important messages can get lost in all the jargon if it doesn’t reach a wide enough audience. 
Solid SEO and other various strategic promotional tactics for getting your target people to find your blog is especially vital. 
Your website/blog is the ‘storefront’ of your business you’ve got to network, connect and join forces with others to make an impact and draw others to you.

So, here’s pro blogger Ryan to tell you exactly how you can start promoting other bloggers to increase your traffic!

Ryan’s awesome advice!

Getting a surge of online traffic to find its way to your blog gets easier if you will get over yourself and promote other bloggers.

Tip #1 – Get Over Yourself

Get the heck over yourself to see increasing traffic returns.

A lot of bloggers think they can build blog traffic by their own single handed efforts.

This is ludacris. In truth, no blogger can succeed being a lone wolf. 

Stop thinking only of yourself. Focus on helping other bloggers out, make friends and watch how quickly your friends will expand your reach online.

Build, Grow and Leverage Your Relationships to Grow Your Blog/Site.

  • Identify the blogs that are closely related to your niche.
  • Find the owner’s email address on their contact page or by using a tool like
emailhunter image
  • Follow them on Social Media
  • Regularly Tweet their new blog posts (automate the process by using IFTTT).
  • Write insightful, engaging comments on their blogs, not phony, tacky, robotic template like ones.
  • Don’t beg, be polite, be patient.

Just like any relationship in real life, to build it is a give and take process.

This helps you not only to be less dependent on Google, but helps you gain backlinks, social shares, and traffic in the long run which is what you want.

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Tip #2 – Think of Others to Befriend Others

Think of other bloggers to befriend other bloggers. Condition yourself to promote other bloggers before you promote your latest blog post.

I am often seen browsing through Triberr or various social media blogging tribes, picking helpful blog posts to share, because I am genuinely intent on thinking of other bloggers before I think of me.

Admitted; I do have a slightly selfish driver because I see how freely traffic flows to me by having fun promoting other bloggers.

I dig being social after being a blogging wall flower for so many years. I also enjoyed leaving most of my self-obsessed worries and fears behind.

This gig gets easier if you think of other bloggers before you think of yourself. Not from a fully altruistic space – we all have ego calling some shots – but because it’s fun to spread love, to connect with humans and to make friends, and as your friend base grows, so does your blogging success.

Resource – Ryan Biddulph Bloggingfromparadise


Why this Works So Well

When you help, you shall be helped.

Think beyond blogging karma. Dwell on this idea: if you help bloggers without looking for anything in return, other bloggers will help you. Generosity is met with generosity.

Example; I connected with internet marketing coach and online pro’s pro David Boozer via a few blog comments and social shares. I helped him out. I looked for nothing in return.

He went and bought all of my blogging tips eBooks – that is over 60 eBooks – and wrote me a glowing endorsement through his blog and via his podcast. He also regularly promotes my posts and shouts out my eBooks and coaching services through social media and his blog, which I appreciate.

This is just a single rocking blogger who is wildly successful, and who heads a loyal tribe.

Imagine how much awesomeness has flowed to me over the years through all the blogging buddies I have made by promoting other folks?

This concept works well because if you are generous, like-minded people will be generous to you, expanding your reach far and wide.

Note; no limits exist when you go about promoting yourself by promoting successful bloggers generously. Your traffic will increase exponentially, eventually.

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Tip #3 – Think Network Growing Your Net Worth

If you want to make money through blogging think of your network growing your net worth.

I can only do so much on my own, promoting my blog posts to my 60,000 Blogging From Paradise community members.

My network can do so much more.

By building bonds, and promoting other bloggers, I land guest posts that expand my reach far and wide. Influential bloggers promote the stuffing out of me on Facebook, Twitter and through their blogs.

Money and traffic flow to me with greater ease versus the days I tried to go solo because 1000 is better than 1. 1000 friends promoting you expands your reach more quickly than 1 person – you – promoting yourself.

Buy into this idea of your network growing your net worth.

Success will be yours. Traffic will flow in easily, as will profits drip in, steadily, if you promote other bloggers freely and easily.



So remember, in order to gain traffic to your website and blog you need links and in order to do that you need to reach out to other bloggers in your community. You should know at least 10 other bloggers/site owners in your niche very well.

Email them, contact them on social media and simply ask if they would be interested in your free content.

If they say “No” don’t take it personally, you can always ask again at another point! A lot of them will say “yes” because everyone enjoys having genuine value added to their blog post:)

And don’t forget that commenting on their posts is another way to help increase your own traffic.

Here’s a list of over 200 High Authority Blog Commenting Sites List from!

Follow for the best ways to be a successful blogger, content creator and grow your influence online!

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