Best Blogging Resources/Tools

Best Blogging Resources

This post contains the best blogging resources and tools that go into creating a successful money making blog and online business.

The tools can vary depending upon each entrepreneur’s goals and each blogger’s niche.

An online entrepreneur encompasses so much more than being just a writer.

You’re also a marketer, a publisher, an editor, a creator, a designer, a proofreader, a researcher and so much more.

This post is designed to make a blogger’s work more efficient and manageable.

The ones I list here have helped me grow my blog to over 1.4 million viewers on Pinterest alone. They work the best, save me the most money and time, make me the most money, and protect my website on a daily basis. 

pinterest traffic 2020

The following contains some affiliate links which means we get a small commission if you decide to purchase anything with no extra cost to you and we thank you. Please read the disclosure for more info.

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Complete Blog/Website AuditA blog audit will without a doubt help you to put your best foot forward, “have them at hello” and keep them coming back for more.

MonsterInsights – Simply the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress sites out there. Simple and easy to use. Gives you a crystal ball 360 degree view of how people find and use your website and what they’re most interested in –  all from your dashboard with no coding. A must have for all bloggers and business owners! 


AmaLink Pro Affiliate WP PluginAmaLink Pro is hands down the world’s simplest, most efficient plugin to add your Amazon links to your blog or website.

amalinks pro

Blog Topic Generator

Even the most creative of us run out of ideas sometimes! When that happens and you need a catchy title, ad campaign or content spark head over to HubSpot for their terrific Blog Topic generator.

This handy tool makes it easy to generate an endless amount of topics with one click!

Blog Content

I use THE HOTH when short handed for WRITING projects AND HOTH X for LINK BUILDING SERVICES. They are both fast, affordable, produce high quality content and I love their White Hat manual outreach links, PR press banners, blog to video service, customer reviews, guest posting services, blog booster and their super easy to use platforms!

the hoth writing service

Website Legal Templates

The last thing any blogger wants is to unknowingly violate the law. Therefore it’s vital to protect your online business and website. With these templates Amira who is also an Attorney makes the process very easy and non intimidating.

These affordable templates ensure that your website and blog is legally protected and complies with the law.

Trusted by thousands of bloggers, entrepreneurs and businesses the quality protection is well worth the low price for peace of mind!

You also get 9 bonuses for FREE well worth over $1,175.

Click on the image to learn more!

legal bundle for website and blog

The Blog Profit Calculator

Get a rough estimate of how much you could be making with your blog today. Input your monthly page views and your primary content niche.

Blog Profit Calculator

Best Conversion Tool

optin monster


Convert and monetize your website traffic, get more leads and instantly grow your email list with the #1 most powerful conversion optimization toolkit in the world!

Email providers

I started out with Mailchimp because I have to admit – it’s FREE and simple to use. However I have to say that they make it virtually impossible to speak with anyone if you’re not on a paid plan so if you have any issues whatsoever I DO NOT  recommend them. They will also flag you for spam easily so keep that in mind too. 


ConvertKit Free Plan Demo

I recommend Convertkit and Constant Contact because I love their auto-responders, integrations with 3rd party apps, sequences, tagging features, landing pages, templates and forms. Their customer service is incredible as well. 

constant contact

Website Design

My first blog was built on Squarespace which is great if you want a simple type of website. They do have some beautiful themes to choose from. But for Bloggers who wish to monetize, you’ve got to have a self-hosted site on

WordPress has unlimited themes, a ton of free and paid for plugins to make your site operate exactly as you want, it is super easy to use, there is a ton of help for anything you need to do and the best thing is that you OWN it.

It is the holy grail for blogging, hands down.

If you’re looking for a professional website that includes hosting with no tech or coding required I  recommend you check out Webflow. It’s amazing what they’re doing.


For those looking for unparalleled power and ease of design all-in-one WordPress Page Builder I use Elementor for all my pages. 


Website hosting

For hosting I chose Bluehost. There are other good hosting companies to choose from but I found Bluehost to have the best  competitive prices, only 2.95 per month, top speed, 24/7 support, excellent security and it’s trusted by more than 1 million domains! They also have a one click set up with WordPress and have partnered up with Constant Contact as well.

I’ve never had an issue and switching it over from a more expensive hosting company was flawless.

You can check to see if you’re name is available right here:

How to Blog and Make Money

For free tips how to make money from your blog read my post. Filled with guaranteed strategies to earn an income from your blog even with low traffic!

Master Guide to Blogging for Profit

Small Business Accounting


Freshbooks is a small business accounting software service (similar to QuickBooks) I use for my side business. It helps you keep track of your income, send invoices, and more.

You get a HUGE amount in savings with FreshBooks

FreshBooks as compared to the ridiculous rates that PayPal charges.

They’re having a Winter Snowflake Sale starting 1/9/20! 70% off for 3 months! Click on the banner to grab it now!

Sales, Business and Traffic Resources 

To draw more traffic to your website you need landing pages that convert. For this I recommend Lead Pages to attract an audience and grow your blog and business faster.

lead pages

Automate Tasks

Hubspot allows you to capture leads from your website, email or social media automatically and track their activity — with customization of your forms and more insight into your leads. Best of all it’s 100% FREE!


Course Creation

Podia and Teachable are both highly reputable platforms. I love the ease and simplicity of Podia. They make it straight out of the box simple to sell online courses, memberships, and downloads without worrying about any of the technical aspects.

Eliminate expensive subscriptions and needless plugins and have everything under one platform.


Video Creation

For simple yet professional videos that even amateurs can make there’s Animoto.

Turn your photos into marketing videos for business or for personal use. They also have various budget tier levels and offer a free trial.

You can also use the vimeo app for simple free video creation storage and sharing.

Read my post:

Animoto – The Simple Way to Create Marketing Videos

SEO All In One ToolKit

SEMrush combines so many different features all into one place. Usually, you have to get an SEO tool, a social media marketing tool, a PPC tool, a research tool, and so on but this platform does EVERYTHING.

Domain analysis, keyword analytics, backlinks checker, toxic links analyzer, competitor analysis, social media scheduler and so much more!

All of the different online marketing elements you need to run an online business are rolled into one neat package with SEMrush.


PLUS! If you choose to sign up to be an affiliate and promote SEMrush, you get 40% recurring commission for sale.

The commission plan goes as follow:

  1. For pro plan (priced at $99.95/month), you earn $39.98
  2. For Guru plan (priced at $199.95/month), you earn $79.98
  3. For Business plan (priced at $399.95/month), you earn $159.98
  4. It goes higher if the referral opt for enterprise plan and purchase add-ons.

Designing, Creating and Editing Images

I turn to Canva on a daily basis because they have everything you need for the beginner or expert to turn to make your image ideas turn into life from Instagram stories, logos, infographics, pinterest pins, printables, graphic design tools for ebooks, lead magnets, social media and much, much more.

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Freelancers & Outsourcing

Fiverr I recommend for great rates and a quick turnaround if you need anything from a quick WP troubleshooting issue

  • WordPress help
  • photoshop editing
  • flyer design
  • blog posts
  • illustrations
  • translations
  • influencer marketing
  • t-shirt design
  • cartoons and comic design
  • album covers
  • creative writing
  • proofreading & editing
  • business cards & stationary
  • research
  • web programming
  • resume or cover letter
  • banner ads
  • PDF or eBook covers
  • blogger outreach
  • videos
  • Social media
  • graphics,
  • web development,
  • Pinterest pros or even
  • voice overs!

Basically everything you need to run an online business is available.

They even have Fiverr Pros who are top rated professionals around the world in their niche. They charge more than the normal Fiverr freelancers but are well worth it.

They’re also something to consider if you have skills that you want to market yourself if you need to earn some cash!

Read my interview with ‘LaserLife’ a top rated Fiverr Copywriter who makes thousands of dollars a month on Fiverr here!

Fiverr Freelancers

Affiliate marketing

I use Share-A-Sale and Wealthy Affiliate!

They have thousands of well known merchants to choose from in all different niches and are quite frankly the easiest to work with.

The platform is VERY simple to digest and understand even for beginners. 

I increase my sales, generate new interest in my blog with high profile merchandisers and get the highest commissions.

I only pick and choose products that are relevant to my niche, that I actually like and use myself, and recommend to others that will help grow their business.


The platform for ShareASale is very basic and easy to understand, it’s a breeze to sign up and like I said there are tons of popular and familiar merchants to choose from.

Clickbank and Skimlinks are also very popular but I didn’t make as much with them because I found their platform very convoluted. They do offer their own University however and are globally known.

Clickbank however is a privately held company that’s been around since 1998 so they must be doing something right.

It has more than 6 million clients worldwide.

I myself prefer a smaller network and if you’re just starting out with affiliate marketing I recommend you go with one that’s not too overwhelming.

Wealthy Affiliate offers step-by-step training and has coaching and mentoring programs, educational videos, free trials, free lessons and a tremendous support network.

Here’s a tutorial for Clickbank if you’re interested in learning more.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

To Earn the Highest Affiliate Commissions – Get my guide:

Mastering the Art of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has shown me and others:

  • How to help you build a successful online business with all the tools, support and resources you need
  • how to choose a profitable niche to be successful
  • how to increase your affiliate income and make more money blogging

To get a glimpse into affiliate marketing to learn how bloggers earn $5K – $150K monthly! Try this highly popular course:

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Social Media Resources 

Promo Republic is a very useful tool for increasing your engagement, networking and traffic. They were recently awarded the top 3 social media software award by and can help you to build a strong social circle to grow your professional network by sparing yourself from the social media routine; choose ready-to-use content that’s relevant for your industry, schedule in advance and stay involved, but automate your Social Media accounts so you have time to tend to other aspects of your business.

Set it and watch your social circle grow automatically. Promo Republic helps you by taking the place of several tools, saves you time and money and automatically shares your vital information by driving more traffic to all your social media networks.

Set it up once and streamline everything to make it quicker and easier. 

promo republic


Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram has helped me go from 200 views to over 400K in a matter of months! It is the best auto-scheduler to amplify your Pinterest/Insta following, simplify your pinning, grow your blog’s reach, expand your presence, analyze and build your new business.

They even let you post to Facebook and Twitter!

Tailwind for instagram

Social Warfare

This is one of my favorite plugins that I use on Socialbuzzhive.  It includes social share buttons that make it easier to share your post and also keep count of how many times your post has been shared. Social traffic is so important to bloggers and this plugin can really help.

After I installed this plugin I saw an immediate increase in shares. I have it set up to include Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest but you can customize it to whichever social networks you prefer and even change the style and the colors.

Like most services, the paid version is the one you want if you are a professional blogger… the features are quite limited without it.  Get Social Warfare HERE.

Warfare Plugins

Keyword Research

Jaaxy Keyword Tool – There’s no comparison when it comes to keyword tools. Keyword research is time-consuming, confusing and exasperating!

I like Jaaxy because it was made for affiliate marketers and bloggers. You can’t get a more advanced and useful platform for managing all aspects of keyword research, website, competition all in one place.

Grammar and Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly is the world’s best automated proofreader and plagiarism checker for all your blog posts!

Grammarly Writing Support


Miscellaneous Sites That Help Me Make My Life Easier 

Resume Services

Resume Writers – Top rated resume service for students, professionals, freelance writers, and executives or anyone who needs to make a career change and revamp their tired resume.

WP Tasty is a Powerful Recipe plugin for Food Blogs created by top notch food bloggers – read my review here. 

Tasty Links by Wp Tasty

Print Friendly & PDF – I love this extension because you can make any web page into a PDF – it’s so cool! It removes junk like ads, gives you an editable preview and still has clickable links. Get more shares, saves, and love!


Now that blogging has taken over my life who has time to cook?  I also found I was spending a bundle on eating out as well as shopping for food and always getting more than what was on my list –  I started a free trial of the $5 Meal Plan – and my wallet is really happy I did.

I hope this list of resources helped! I know it’s extensive and you don’t have to use all the resources of course, but it will give you a feel for some of the best products out there to create a successful online business/blog/website. 

Most companies have FREE TRIAL PLANS so you have nothing to lose. You can quit at any time. 

For a detailed list of exclusive blogger secret methods to make a lucrative living online, drive more traffic and leads to your website grab my Master Guide to Blogging 18 FREE guides which will give you excellent strategies to promote your blog posts and build your online business. 

Master Guide to Blogging for Profit

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