20+ incredible Resources to grow Your Online Business

Get the Knowledge and Tools you need to Grow your online business, Increase Your Revenue, Outperform Your Competition, and Take Your Online Business to the Next Level!

Ready to finally master the mysteries of SEO? Looking to become a social media expert for top firms? Want to start monetizing your creative content consistently and put your income on auto pilot with sales funnels, design templates, expert tips and more!

No matter what your goal for your blog or business is, we have a resource to help. We’ve spent the time researching, consolidating, and identifying the most useful and effective information, to grow your blog and business —so you don’t KEEP GOING down one rabbit hole after the next.

This mix of helpful resources has helped me grow my online business from zero to a community of over 3 million that earns passive income month to month!

These guides & resources are designed to help save you incredible amounts of time, money, and energy so you can spend more time actually profiting from the fruits of your labor instead of trying to figure out exactly what you need to learn how to grow your business online.

Below you’ll find an assortment of guides containing design templates, swipe-files, how-tos, and much more, that go over proven strategies, the latest tools, creator trends and tips, and actionable resources that you can start implementing today to kickstart your blog or online business into high gear.

Start generating more traffic, getting more engagement, growing your leads, prospects, and start earning more revenue from home or anywhere!

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Master Guide to Blogging for Profit

Our most popular and detailed resource, this Master Guide includes a compilation of 307 pages of comprehensive guides, containing swipe-files, links, resources, expert tips, templates and more to put your blog on the road to success. Learn step-by-step how to set up a WordPress blog, pick a host, a domain, identify a profitable niche, pick a theme, create valuable content, market to your target audience, pitch to brands for sponsorships, perform SEO and social media marketing, learn the best affiliate companies for commissions and so much more

If you’re ready to stand out from the competition and finally make your dream blog a reality, this guide is the ultimate resource to get you started. 

Ultimate Blogging Promotion Checklist

To be among the ranks of successful bloggers who earn money from their blogs you must know how to promote your blog correctly. 

This resource will provide you with invaluable ways to identify your target audience, promote your blog, get more traffic, and monetize your blog like the pros do. 

Includes top free blogging tool recommendations and an exhaustive checklist with hundreds of proven ways to promote your blog to the far reaches of the globe all in one place! 

Master the Art of Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a powerhouse for marketing influence. If you’re not using it to promote your business you are missing out on literally millions of potential customers. 

Harness the massive power of Pinterest and learn how to explode your business by using groups, boards, communities, creating rich pins, creative design, learn about Tailwind auto scheduling for Pinterest, smart loops, and more to grow your page views, boost engagement, and increase revenue. 

Become The Ultimate SEO Boss

To rank high in Google SEO is more critical than ever! 

Hardly anyone bothers to search on pages 2 or 3 any longer. 

Discover how to implement an effective SEO strategy for all your web pages, including what you need to rank in the top 10 on Google without paid tactics or a ton of technical experience. 

Includes free SEO Strategies, Lessons from the Top SEO Experts, how to optimize all your web pages, the best SEO plugins, how to satisfy search intent, perform keyword research, how to write SEO copy for the web, how to perform competitor analysis, a guide to guest posting and blogger outreach for link building, SEO swipe lists, checklists and much, much more! 

Ultimate Guide to Being a Paid Social Media Influencer

Almost every industry in the world has taken up with hiring influencers to represent their companies and brands. Brands are leveraging influencers more than ever due to their authenticity and ability to relate to the public in a way that celebrities can’t.

Learn what it takes to be a successful and well paid social media influencer and begin a brand new career. This guide will show you how to deliberately target and plan content for your niche, how to pitch to brands the right way so you don’t get lost in the shuffle, and how to get sponsored posts and collaborate with high paying companies and brands. 

Includes 4 email templates and 17 high profile influencer agencies you can team up with for maximum exposure. 

Master the Art of Social Media – Leverage and Grow Your Business

With over 3.2 billion people on Facebook daily, understanding how to market on social media has become a crucial part of every business’s success.

This course is the complete Social Media Go To – It covers every thing you need to know to confidently monetize, scale, and leverage Social Media to help your business grow and show you how to earn a consistent income through social media – even without hundreds of thousands of followers or even a website!

The social media strategies in this course will help you learn how to expand your reach exponentially, boost brand awareness, and help promote your blog, website; sell your products and services through social media channels and networks — If you’re looking to grow and define your ideas and craft your niche market further this course is the one for you!

PRO Email Marketing Strategies

Email is still the #1 way to nurture and grow your business. Unlock pro email marketing tips to learn the exact strategies you need to grow your email list from zero, to thousands of subscribers. 

Discover how to create engaging email headlines, opt-ins, auto-responders, valuable content and designs with this bite-sized easy to digest guide. 

Included are email templates and a guide to effectively use visuals to build and keep your audience engaged to the max!

How to Sell Digital Products With No Tech Skills

The digital market is exploding into a 600 billion dollar industry. Content creators are making a great living by creating and selling digital products online.

Learn how you can start earning passive income by creating and selling digital products online—no coding, technical skills, or prior experience necessary. 

You’ll also get access to the 12 most profitable digital products in demand, and the 13 best platforms to sell digital products that take care of everything from payments to marketing for you! So all you have to focus on is creating! 

blockbuster guide affiliate marketing

Blockbuster Guide to Affiliate Marketing Course

Passive income is a dream for most online marketers.

It’s so popular because there’s no product you have to store, no customers to deal with, and no limit to what you can earn…or where you can earn from.

With affiliate marketing you get email notifications that you’ve earned profits all while you’ve been sleeping, away from your desk or on vacation!

Affiliate marketing is a popular and legitimate tactic to drive sales and generate significant online revenue.

Get the tactics behind how bloggers like myself regularly earn between $5,000 – $300,000K PER MONTH from just one evergreen blog post in this complete course. 

How to Be a Successful Content Creator

Every single industry today needs content for their websites, their businesses, and information for their customers. 

Content creators are in very high demand with 90% of organizations needing an endless flow of content. 

This is your opportunity to potentially make a very lucrative living creating valuable content online; whether for a business or as an independent creator and selling your own content online.

Discover what makes a successful content creator, what companies are looking for, how to harness the power of video marketing, how to promote your content, and how to transform your knowledge and creativity into a skill everyone needs and build a content business that runs itself. No technical skills needed. Start a budding career today as a creator!

Create Your Epic Online Business

There’s simply never been a better time in history to build an online business. The internet has made today the golden age of wеalth and opportunity. 

Nearly half the global population is now online searching for products, services and help. 

It’s never been easier to become your own boss, develop your dream, harness your creativity and successfully scale your online business.

Get access to promotional strategies, entrepreneurial mindset tactics, the most profitable and affordable online businesses to start, and more valuable resources to turn your business idea into the successful online business of your dreams without spending a ton of time or money. 

This 265+ page bestselling eBook is everything you need to get started.

Mastering the Art of Copywriting for the Web

Copywriting is an absolute necessity if you are going to stand out on the web and get click throughs to your website and business.

Good copywriting needs to reflect the values your business stands for, while creating a lasting impact, showcases your expertise, and ultimately drives your prospects to engage in an action YOU want them to take. 

Get expert tricks of the trade how to write copy like a pro to capture and captivate your target audience.

Includes tips to write persuasive SEO optimized copy to get found on the web, email copy, social media copy, and all the best ways to compel your readers to convert from prospects into customers.


Ashley Emanuel
Wow these guides were seriously so informative! I am definitely working on applying some of these strategies already. Some of the strategies mentioned I had never heard of! This was well informed and worth reading! Thank you!
I love all the information you share. Every time I receive your newsletter goes straight to favourite so I can recheck it later. Thank you for inspiring and helping us succeed in the blogging world.​
Alan B.
This is one of the most awesome set of guides I have ever come across to help my blog grow. Since it covers sufficient details about each subject that we often come across- upside, downside, how to select the perfect niche and many more. I am very satisfied after going through these articles and will definitely try them out. Thank you so much for sharing!
Anoop K.
Very informative guides! As you said, the folks should be productive and tech-savvy in the modernization era. A myriad of opportunities are in front of us, and our job is to find passion and pursue it. Keep sharing! Your guides are inspiring me a lot to take action.
master guide to blogging for profit


20+ PDFs packed with step-by-step guides, expert resources, templates, tools and swipe-files to get you on the right track to setting up your profitable blog from the very start. 
Distinguish yourself online from others, grow your traffic, crush your competition, and build a successful, profitable blog and online business that grows into a lifetime of passive income!

Not sure where to begin? Get access to the incredible FREE RESOURCES LIBRARY from our partners at Bluchic! 

Monetize your content and generate revenue as an online content creator!

Welcome to the Content Creator Revolution!

Now is the ideal time in history to start a thriving business online, monetize your content, secure your future, and grow income, from home, via your website, blog, social media channels, or your eCommerce shop!
From 2019 to now, the number of creators earning the equivalent of $10,000 USD per month grew 88% and content creators earning $1,000 per month grew 94% – Meta
Web 3.0 is the Future of the Creator Economy – Entrepreneur 2022
Thanks to the internet, Web3.0, AI, AR, the Metaverse, the Internet of Things, and of course laptops and smart phones, the amount of business being conducted online from anywhere around the globe is truly astronomical!
This is your chance to see exactly how you can grow your audience and generate revenue as an online content creator and get in on a $400 billion dollar industry.

Grow your audience and revenue!

Whether you’re running a blog, a niche website, are a social media influencer, have a podcast, TikTok or YouTube channel, you face the challenge of growing a massive online audience, then monetizing the traffic and attention that you’ve acquired.

My extensive and exclusive community will help you:

  • Define your audience
  • Develop a content strategy
  • Distribute your content across multiple channels
  • Grow your audience & your influence
  • Learn the best ways to monetize your content

Every online business is different, and you’ll need to create strategies that are specific to your niche and your audience. The information that we’ve put together in this essential guide will provide the necessary framework to help you succeed in generating revenue from your online content.

As the spearhead and founder behind Socialbuzzhive.com, Pawsoffbeauty, Healthyfoodlife and others, I know what it takes to grow a massive following and shine amongst the competition.


I’m Emily Standley a content marketing specialist who eats up digital strategies, SEO & Social Media data, technology and content marketing trends & analytics. I’m also a nationally published author in publications such as Forbes, LA Wire, Entrepreneur, MarketWatch, CBS, Fox, Thrive Global, Entertainment Weekly, influence.co, Authority Titans, Starter Story, US Reporter, Benzinga and others.

Book a customized digital strategy consultation with me!

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I’m proud to have helped major companies, individuals and brands increase their presence and their profits online dramatically.

If you’re a content creator looking for more opportunities to monetize your content, work from home, gain vast knowledge about your craft, improve your traffic and presence, or expand your business online exponentially the time is now!

With a community reach of over 3+ million, my passion is helping you leverage the power of digital technologies and content resources to help you grow a viable online business from anywhere in the world.

Learn how to create a sustainable, consistent income from home, while also obtaining a more harmonious, balanced career and lifestyle blend.

The amazing resources in the blog will help get you started building your epic online business as a thriving content creator, a leader, and provide you with all the tools you need to grow your following and your online business. 

You CAN live out your dreams, leave the 9-6 rat race, and have a successful and thriving business and career online.
The time is now TO JOIN THE CREATOR REVOLUTION and reap all the goodies and benefits in store for you! 

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