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Collaboration With SocialBuzzHive

I am thrilled to work with people and brands in Miami, southern Florida and beyond, that are committed to empowering and representing anyone interested in growing their online business through blogging, content marketing and social media influencer marketing.   

If you think your brand or company would be a good fit, please reach out regarding your collaboration idea. I currently partner with advertisers who are in sync with the businesses I most closely represent.

For a copy of my media kit please reach out to me @

Go to the About page to learn more about what we do with major digital marketing partnerships in the realm of blogging services, social media plans, SEO services, website strategy and audits that are certain to make your online business a success.

I’m very interested in hearing from you if you’d like to be a guest writer on my blog or if you have a blog that shares a similar niche audience.

I also am the owner of a healthy food/lifestyle blog called Visit me there anytime!

Update! This site was recently sold for profit. If you want to learn how to build a profitable website to sell for profit read this post:

How To Create a Profitable Website You Can Sell for 50K

If you are looking for Miami area blog and content writing services, blog auditing, social media consultations and SWOT analysis, SEO, website audits or Web Design packages to enhance your online business presence please fill out this form:

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Any special inquires please don’t hesitate to Reach out!

Stay forever inspired!:)


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