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Running a new business and blog is more than challenging. Changing web practices, trends, and algorithms are forever evolving. Can you keep up? As an entrepreneur you are stressed, always on call, and way busier than the ‘average’ bear with a regular day job. Do you have time to create a high quality stream of consistent website content month after month that drives the traffic you need to keep up with your competition? And… convert that traffic in 8 seconds? Because that’s about how long it takes for your prospects to decide whether you have what they need. Our SEO content writing, copywriting, blogging and Link Building partners are just the thing you need to help your business outperform your competitors and thrive.

You Can’t Do It Alone

Everything depends on you. You need at a minimum, 3 versions of yourself. 

You’ve been trying to do it all, but you’re already going at Mach 10 and there never seem to be enough hours in the day…

Your ‘to do’ list just keeps getting longer and the competition is getting tougher. 

Google is getting more discerning about it’s ranking parameters. 

You’re a creator, developer, planner, accountant, designer, problem solver, boss, hand holder, etc.

You didn’t sign up to become a content marketer along with everything else.

You feel at times like you’re drowning trying to keep up with it all…

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Content Writing Services and Creation For Busy Entrepreneurs

Here at SBH when we get in a pinch we use The Hoth Writing Service

When we don’t have the time to conjure up a quality blog or PR post they provide us with optimized content writing, copywriting, and guest post services we need without any contracts! 

All from one very user friendly dashboard.

They help our website stay relevant and help keep our business soaring.

And that’s what it’s all about. Because sometimes there’s simply not enough hours in the day to do everything!

Is Your Business Keeping Up With Necessary Content Online To Stay Relevant?

There are 440 MILLION websites out there! – Resource

Google is getting more and more discerning about what it deems ‘valuable’ content.

How will you bring awareness, and most importantly traffic and leads to yours? 

Hint! Websites with Blog content have 434% more search engine indexed pages! Whoa! That’s a lot! 

People are tired of reading phony, generic sales pitches.

What? No Blog on Your Website?

If you don’t have a blog on your site already my friend, you need to add one. It’s no longer an option. 

  1. Not only that, you need to get your content out there that deems you an authority in your niche, before your competitors do and on a consistent, reliable basis.
  2. Filling your website with a blend of fresh, unique, captivating, relevant, informative, intriguing information is a full time job! 

Is this how you feel?


There’s a ton of noise out there! And no one wants to read old, tired, duplicate content that sounds like it’s been churned out by bots.

Besides, the Big G hates that! Down go your rankings…

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We as humans are hard-wired to purchase from people and businesses that we inherently like and trust. 

With attention spans less than a goldfish…studies show your website has .8 seconds to make an impact.

Who has the time to write all of this compelling content? Especially as an entrepreneur just starting out and on a shoe-string budget?

It can take several hours to write a quality blog post, edit it, add images, optimize it correctly for SEO, before you finally hit Publish! 

The Writers at The Hoth Can Lend a Hand

If you don’t have an in house writer, an expert content writer/ghostwriter who specializes in optimized Content Writing for the web can be your saving grace.  

Why? So your business can get found online. Plain and simple.

If not, you may be doomed to stay on Page 13 of Google for all of eternity:(


What The Hoth provides: 

Blogger Outreach Service

  •  Editorial link mentions from bloggers
  • 100% Real, genuine blog owners
  • You choose DA metrics to suit
  • They handle all of the content writing
  • Manage and track within a personalized dashboard

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Since we’ve partnered up with The Hoth we’ve been able to focus more on other things that need to get done! 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Their prices are Extremely reasonable for high quality work.

THE HOTH WRITING SERVICES specializes in picking which keywords will get you the most traffic. 

Their blog writing service will get you highly relevant, researched, professionally written content to your blog as an a-la-carte service or monthly based on your needs.

Their expert blog writers give your business a much-needed boost of website traffic, social shares, leads, and most of all, increase your bottom line.

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Are you still wondering if a blog can really help you acquire more customers?

“Websites that have blogs get 3.5x more traffic…about 434% more than those that don’t”…- Resource The Content Marketing Institute 

Why Your Business Needs to Be Blogging

What else The Hoth can help you with:

  • Engaging blog posts and optimized articles
  • Ghostwriting for major brands/companies
  • Re-writing
  • Website copy
  • Editing or proofreading
  • Bulk buyer options and more!

Local Citation Service

 100% Manual submission service
 For UK, US & Australia & Canada
 Choose up to 100 submissions
 NAP consistent listings
 For local or national business
 Export full submission reports
 The foundations for local SEO

Infographic Promotion Service

 Your infographic shared on blogs
 Credit link mentions from bloggers
 100% Real, genuine blog owners
 You choose DA metrics to suit
 We’ll write introductory content
 Manage and track within a dashboard
 Export full placement reports

Press Release Service

 Get instant online exposure
 Great for news announcements
 Generate tons of link mentions
 Can be included in Google News
 Choose from 2 packages
 Export full submission reports
 Great for PR communication

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Why your website needs a BLOG BOOSTER SHOT! 

Companies we’ve worked with:


The Bottom Line

You can keep struggling to try and do everything yourself. But especially if you’re a solopreneur, eventually you will succumb to complete burn out. 

Read this post: 

100 Reasons To Hire A Freelancer to Outsource Your Work

FACT: A blog provides a unique perspective on your business that provide value, engages your readers and DRIVE MORE TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE. 

You don’t have time to study up on the latest content marketing trends.

You have floor to ceiling responsibilities, people to manage and a business to run.

We Get It. 

Which is why the decision is simple.

Leave the writing to THE HOTH CONTENT WRITING AND LINK BUILDING SERVICES they will literally save you money, effort, time and your sanity! 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with their work they will simply revise it for you completely free. 

That’s why I love THE HOTH! 

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