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The Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you provide any type of services, products or information online, SEO for your blog or online business is the crucial aspect that increases traffic and helps your audience find you in an overbearing sea of competition.

This increased exposure means more visitors to your blog and webpages, more sales and increased ROI. Developing an effective SEO marketing strategy for your blog or business; whether local or globally, should be your top priority when establishing yourself online.

The goal of ranking in the top ten without paid tactics like Pay Per Click (PPC) means you must construct a web page that Google’s algorithms will love with the help of an expert website developer and content creator. 

SEO experts measures 3 things; relevancy, authority and quality.

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Google (and other major search engines) determines the overall quality of your website with over 200 ranking ‘variables’ which decides exactly where your blog or business will show up in the SERPs (search engine results pages). 


Search Engine Optimization Experts

Our SEO services for bloggers and online business in Miami, FL follow the latest state of the art practices in elevating your search engine rankings and bringing increased traffic. We take pride in using the latest optimization techniques that help your website surpass rankings in a shorter time frame. 

To succeed in business online today your SEO techniques must be in STELLAR form. Because as I always say, If It’s Not Read, It’s DEAD!” 

Google made over 3200 updates last year and we were on top of each one. 

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How SEO Helps Your Business 

To start a successful blog or business today one needs to be digitally ‘visible’. Search terms are the new brick and mortar locations. You need to have the best spot in town with a brighter and better storefront to stand apart and outperform your competition.

More Credibility

When you appear at the top of the search results your business or blog appears more credible. 

When people can’t find your business right away, it can and will cost you legitimacy and authority.  

Higher Close Rates

SEO for bloggers and business doesn’t just help you get more traffic, but the right kind of traffic. This ends in more conversions and improvement to your sales and your bottom line.  

SEO Brings You Qualified Leads for FREE 

Google has gotten so particular because it wants to return the very best results to users who are actively searching for a particular search or phrase; whether written or spoken.

Getting to the top ten in Google means you’re providing the best of the best information to the people who want it the most, exactly at the moment when they are searching for it.

SEO for bloggers and businesses differs from advertising; where you aren’t trying to push your services in front of people who may not be interested. Oh contraire! In fact your audience is searching for you!

And with SEO for bloggers and business, you don’t have to pay to get the message to them.

Search optimization done well, is the most effective way to enhance your online presence.

It should be done from the very beginning when you construct your website.

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By following the best SEO practices from the start, you’ll create the highest quality, most useful, intriguing content that your potential readers, customers and prospects want and need to have.

By doing this the search engines will naturally reward your blog or business by putting you in front of the right audience.

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SEO Components

There are two types of SEO factors for bloggers and business that come into play in the ranking of your website and that is On-Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

Off-page SEO, in a nutshell, is basically everything that happens off the page of your website such as having a mobile-friendly website, creating back links from other websites, social media marketing, guest posting, connecting on forums, PR articles, blogger outreach and performing other marketing activities and promotion tactics to get attention off-site.

On-Page SEO for your Miami or Jupiter blog or business, or no matter where you’re located in the world, consists of all the elements of SEO marketing you can control while creating your web page.

If you own a website and have content created for it you need someone who understands how to construct an SEO friendly blog post, take care of technical issues and warnings, be aware of SEO copywriting and the importance of high quality writing in your content.

If you create an awesome website with clean graphics, easy readability and clear, useful, valuable content, it is sure to start ranking in time.

Focusing on ‘On-page’ SEO for your South Florida blog or business will also increase the probability that your off-page SEO marketing strategy will be successful.

Stop losing out from your competition and start winning. 

Get the proper SEO tools and expert advice you need to take your blog or business to the next level. 

Let us help you complete the tasks to get your webpages ranked higher in major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. We can help dramatically increase your targeted traffic, conversions and sales from your website and improve your bottom line! 

Start SEO SERVICES For Free with SE Ranking 


Determining Google Ranking Factors


Is your blog or business’s website or webpage relevant to a user’s search? 


How much Google trusts the content on your webpage.

How does Google measure your blog or business’s authority? Primarily through links. The more high quality links a web page has pointing to it, the more authority a page has in Google’s eyes.


Quality has to do with your website’s age, online reputation, your website’s overall structure, bounce rate and how user’s interact with your website in the search results.



Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach, guest posting, and link building services  is a form of ‘off page SEO’ that can also help improve your SEO ranking massively as well.

What is Blogger Outreach?

In a nutshell, blogger outreach, or guest blogging, is reaching out to other high quality, niche relevant websites and posting your content on their site with the aim to either receive a back link, brand name mention, or product mention that relates to your site.

The methods of going about reaching out to potential blogs and posting are often time consuming and difficult, but they can lead to strong relationships built with other webmasters, as well potentially receiving a significant amount of traffic and high authority back links generated. 

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Benefits of Guest Blogging

Aside from being able to showcase your work, guest blogging is an incredibly valuable SEO strategy that has a number of benefits.

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High Authority Backlinks

Backlink creation is the number one reason why people turn towards guest blogging as an option. You can search for high DA (domain authority) sites within your niche, approach them with a guest posting proposition, and earn a valuable back link from their website as a result.

These high quality backlinks help drastically boost your website rankings and SEO score, and are a phenomenal way to diversify back link sources.

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Build Valuable Connections

Building connections with other bloggers in similar niches is a difficult process because many concentrate solely on building up their own site first. When you build connections and offer to help others by means of guest posting, you can get reciprocal offers in return.

These connections can lead to long lasting relationships that can prove to be invaluable over time.



While concentrating on building valuable backlinks is definitely a must, many overlook the significance of branding.

Simply mentioning your brand name once or twice in your blog or on social media in an interesting way can inspire readers to actively search for your site.

Additionally, if you can naturally mention your brand name during the post and include an author bio with your site name hyperlinked, you can get past most strict moderation guidelines for guest blog posts and still reach out to thousands more potential customers!

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Just as with any construction project you have to start with a solid foundation. If you have a website or blog filled with poor content, no one will want to link to it.

And all your SEO efforts will be in vain. 

Suggestions To Improve Your Google TRAFFIC


If you’re not seeing adequate traffic or engagement from your website or blog, the best thing is to get started with a Rock Solid SEO Audit from SE Ranking to see where you stand and set the foundation to increase your business and get a significant return on your investments.

Want to master SEO yourself? Grab my guide and become the Ultimate SEO Boss for strategic link building tactics to drive consistent and significant traffic and leads from Google back to your website today! 


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