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It’s no secret that Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. So much so it could be an independent country! But what isn’t so clear is how to actually use Facebook to increase your engagement. Today we are going to give you the top 10 Facebook algorithm hacks to increase your engagement and take it to the next level.

The latest Facebook update has changed the rules of the social media game once again. Businesses who once relied on the sole exposure in their business page follower’s news feed are now struggling to have any of their page posts appear at all. This is due to Facebook now zoning in at the business page post’s engagement vs. content to determine how many followers get to see the post in their news feed.

As a result, this algorithm change is forcing entrepreneurs and business owners to look at even more creative ways to boost engagement and improve their news feed exposure.

Have you seen a decrease in your views and reach on your Facebook business page? Are you looking for ways to get people to engage more with your posts?

If so, then it’s time to get more strategic with your posts and always be posting with the intention of garnering likes, shares and most importantly, comments with each post.

Here are Ten Strategies to Boost Your Facebook Engagement Rates:


1) Follow Up

Follow up on a Popular Post. Review your Facebook statistics in the audience Insights area and look for posts that received a high engagement in the past. Make note of that post’s topic and create a new follow up post on the same subject.




2) Power Up with Pictures

Posting an image that grabs your follower’s attention works. Always be thinking about how you can tell a visual story with your post. Your phone’s camera makes it easy to snap and post a quick shot.

Viewers can’t get enough of video and nowadays it’s easier than ever to create short videos to keep your audience engaged and connected! Whether for business or personal use, Movavi multi media tools makes creating graphics and videos simple and fun!

Always be thinking about how you can share what you are doing visually with your audience and ask leading questions to garner a discussion thread.


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3) Timing is Everything

Posting a juicy post at a time when no one is online is worthless. Make the most of your posts by viewing your Facebook Insights stats to see when your audience is online.

Many users are most active in the evening after work but not always. Your Insights will tell you the real story as to when it’s the best time to post for your particular business.

Your goal is to post when you have the most eyeballs for viewership.




4) Connect Using Facebook Live Video

Video gives fans an incredible feeling of connection with you. Create a consistent schedule and do regular Facebook Live shows.

Shoot weekly tips. Offer live Q&A sessions. Do live “how to” segments. Or share spontaneous videos of your travels and events you attend.

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5) Create Content that Resonates.

It’s vital you create posts that resonate and appeal to your ideal target market. Do this by paying attention to the questions your audience asks.

Follow top influencers to see their insights about your field. Research topics covered in best-selling books in your industry on Amazon. Ask your audience what the biggest questions and challenges are that they have about your subject matter.

A great tool to use is Buzzsumo.

Search for keywords that are relevant to your industry and it will show you the most shared content related to that phrase/keyword on social media.

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6) Generate Anticipation

Give your audience teasers about exciting things you will be posting in the future. Help develop a hunger and curiosity that has them looking forward to your posts.

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Getting ready to launch your new website, course, eBook, or product? Build some buzz of anticipation that leads up to the big reveal.


Master the art of social media

7) Keep the Conversation Going.

Closely monitor replies on your posts and do what you can to continue the conversation. Offer personal replies that shows you listen and respond. Ask questions to deepen the discussion.




8) Be Authentic.

When you truly open yourself to your audience they feel closer to you. Be vulnerable. Show your warts. Admit to your mistakes. Celebrate with them. Let your tribe feel like an important part of your family in all you experience.

How to Build Trust with Your Online Readers


9) Ask for Engagement Questions to spark dialogue.

Post a question that begs a response from your audience. What do you think about BLANK? What experiences have you had? What is your opinion? What is your favorite BLANK? What are your thoughts on this?

People love sharing their feelings when asked. Find creative ways to ask leading questions that require more than just a “yes” or “no” response but not too deep that will prevent any response at all.


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10) Create Viral-Worthy Content

If you study memes, giphs, and shareworthy posts, they all share a common thread: they are either funny, informative, cute, powerful, thought provoking, or emotional that your audience relates too.




Dare to think outside the box and create your own memes.

Look at popular memes and see how you can do your own take on it. You never know when your post will be a winner that goes viral or “breaks the Internet”.

Try these 10 strategies and watch your Facebook page fan engagement soar! What tactics have helped you to increase engagement on Facebook?

All of these tactics should be a huge help for increasing traffic to your blog and your website substantially! Until the next time they change the algorithms:)


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