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Introducing an SEO toolkit that does everything your business needs!

If you own a website – be it a blog or business site – then you need to arm yourself with the best tools around. A multi-faceted SEO toolkit can help you boost your search ranking and find more traffic/leads. Similarly, a fantastic social media marketing tool enables you to grow your online following as well as allows you to analyze your competitors. You’ll find many tools out there, but there’s one that stands out from the rest.

SEMrush is my SEO secret weapon and the only all in one SEO and content marketing toolkit that does it all.

For starters, it combines so many different features all into one place.

Usually, you have to get an SEO tool, a social media marketing tool, a PPC tool, content auditing and competitor tool, a research tool, and so on.

With SEMrush, all of the different online marketing elements are rolled into one package in one dashboard.

The options they provide offers an indispensable benefit to your business or blog and we use it ourselves in our everyday business to keep track of everything.

If you’re a busy entrepreneur, have an online business or are a blogger it can help you save time, effort and money in so many ways – and here’s how:

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Learn how to optimize your website

SEMrush can help businesses and online creatives understand how to optimize their websites.

It provides you with a variety of different features to help you get a detailed view of your site and how SEO-worthy it currently is.

First of all, you can conduct a full-scale SEO audit.

Your site gets a health score – which shows how well optimized it is – along with suggestions on what you need to do to improve it.

Of course, it goes into more depth than this as you can see full details and analytics relating to your site. With an audit, you know how to improve your website, so it gives you tasks to complete.

Similarly, SEMrush provides you with detailed keyword research features as well.

With this, you can see which keywords perform best on your site, along with which ones you should be targeting.

By doing this, you stop wasting time using keywords that just aren’t helping your SEO. As a result, you further optimize your site.

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Run a more cost-effective PPC campaign

Optimizing your website for SEO means you’re dealing with organic search results.

If you want to utilize paid search, then you have to run an AdWords pay-per-click campaign.

When done well, it will help generate more targeted traffic to your website, allowing you to find more leads.

The problem is that you can easily do things wrong and end up wasting money on a PPC campaign that doesn’t work.

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SEMrush can help you run a more cost-effective campaign with Search Term Reports.

This function lets you see which search terms generate the most revenue for your business.

You’ll see which terms get you the most clicks, impressions, and conversions. Therefore, you can use this to decide which terms deserve most of your attention, and which ones can be discarded because they’re just a waste of money.

Furthermore, you can carry out a SEMrush Advertising Report to get an insight into your competitors paid search strategy.

Just type in the domain name you’re interested in, and you’re greeted with a list of all the keywords they appear for in paid searches.

As such, you know the most valuable and best-performing keywords for your rivals. So, it gives you a sense of what you should also be targetting.

Toolkit That Analyze your competitors

Speaking of competitor analysis, SEMrush helps you conduct this with ease.

The example above is one of the many ways you can use this tool to check what your rivals are doing. Alongside it, you can get a competitive analysis on any website you want.

You’ll see how much traffic they’re getting, their primary traffic sources, their keywords, and even their top-ranking content.

Consequently, you use all this information to improve your website.

Seeing their content really helps you understand the type of web content you should also produce. In essence, you want to look at all the good things your rivals are doing, then do them even better!


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A toolkit that grows your social media presence

SEMrush is also a brilliant social media marketing tool as it gives you information on your own social accounts, along with your competitors.

The SEMrush Social Media Poster lets you set up and edit content that gets automatically scheduled to your desired social media platforms.

But, it also gives you analytics to see when your audience is online the most. Thus, you know the peak times to post, driving your engagement through the roof. More engagement means a larger presence as you can find new followers.

Additionally, the SEMrush Social Media Tracker gives more of a competitive social analysis.

See what your nearest rivals are doing on social media; What content do they post? How often do they post? What hashtags do they use? How do they engage with followers?

All of this helps you understand how you should approach social media to grow your presence. Look at what works well for your rivals, then bring these elements to your own strategy.

As you can see, SEMrush is capable of doing a lot of different things for you and your website. So, if you’re looking for an SEO or social marketing tool, then this is the only one you need.

All of these features come in one package – and there are plenty more! Check them out to streamline your online business more efficiently and effectively!

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