Did you know using the TikTok advantage for business is currently one of the best ways to rapidly build a fanbase around your brand? Companies that share clever, unique content on TikTok have a considerable advantage over their competitors. This is due to the TikTok algorithm’s ability to quickly grow your brand exposure if you have the right strategy. 

Here’s a look at how businesses can leverage the TikTok advantage to generate excitement around their brand and build passionate fanbases. 

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The TikTok algorithm is known for its seemingly magical ability to make accounts and videos go viral overnight. The key to going viral and gaining followers is engagement. One great way to build engagement is by using trending themes and songs. 

A trending sound is a song or audio clip many people use at once, often in videos that follow a specific format. For example, one of the most famous trends in TikTok history is a video of a man skateboarding while drinking cranberry juice to the tune of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.”

During this trend, “Dreams” was one of TikTok’s most widely used sounds, and the algorithm would automatically send out videos using that sound to large numbers of users. Even small accounts could rapidly gain exposure by using the trending sound in their video. 

Businesses can use this tactic to reach more viewers and show audiences they understand how TikTok works.

Users, especially young people, may be wary of a brand if it only posts ads on its TikTok account.

Using trends demonstrates creativity and an “in-the-know” approach to social media. 

Interact With Your Audience

Using TikTok for business is all about naturally building connections with your audience, and thriving on TikTok goes beyond simply posting videos. You have to interact with your audience as much as possible. 

Interaction fosters new connections with viewers and can also help your content reach more people. The TikTok algorithm rewards accounts and videos that get high levels of engagement.

You can generate engagement through likes, shares and comments, which are particularly effective. 

The TikTok algorithm uses engagement levels to gauge viewer interest. If a lot of people are interested in something, the algorithm will show that content to even more people. Any level of interactivity can help your business’s videos “snowball” and rapidly gain views. 

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Create Funny or Informative Content

All of the most successful accounts on TikTok have a certain tone or theme. Some are meme accounts, and others are lifestyle vlogs. Some are short news updates, and hundreds are animal-centered content.

Regardless of what your business specializes in, you should identify a distinct tone or theme for your content. 

Using TikTok for business successfully requires finding a clever way to connect with people.

TikTok ads might get great views, but they don’t necessarily boost engagement or build community.

Instead, create content that involves your brand while being relevant, funny or helpful for anyone, even viewers who may have never heard of your business. 

For example, informative TikTok accounts are often a great choice for businesses. It shows viewers that you are an expert in something and it can give you a way to jump on trending topics.

A great real-world example is the 2023 TikTok trend around the WARN Act, a law relating to layoff notices. 

TikTok users were going viral for posting videos complaining about employers breaking the WARN Act or laying off employees unjustly. Not all of these videos are using factual information, though.

This trend gave legal experts like Jon Klinghoffer a platform to explain the WARN Act properly and provide helpful info to people engaging in the trend.

Any business can leverage relevant trends like this to demonstrate their area of expertise. It shows your audience that you know what’s trending and that you’re an expert in your marketing niche.

This kind of engagement can quickly build trust with your viewers and improve your brand reputation.  

Focus on Community Building

Using TikTok for business can be a fantastic way to build a brand’s following or fanbase. TikTok’s algorithm and emphasis on engagement make it an ideal social media platform for community building. 

There are all kinds of ways you can build a following on TikTok.

You can create content centered around something fun and enjoyable related to your brand. For example, a dog groomer could promote their business by posting cute videos of puppies getting baths. 

It also helps to have a common cause that unites your audience. To continue the previous example, the dog groomer could use TikTok to promote a non-profit that donates to animal shelters.

People who like the dog groomer’s puppy videos can easily agree that every puppy should have a home. That means the dog groomer can unite their audience behind the common cause for animal rights and safety. 

This combo of relevant content and meaningful cause can go a long way toward building a fanbase for your brand.

Make sure you’re interacting with viewers, too. Communication and engagement are vital for making your viewers feel included in your brand’s mission. 

To get some inspiration, take a look at some of the top brand accounts on TikTok. Notice how each one has a unique identity and video style that fits TikTok’s culture but also speaks to a specific niche.

For example, Duolingo’s TikTok account leans into the memes about its persistent practice reminders while also promoting its mission to expand access to language education. 


Go Beyond Advertising

TikTok is an excellent platform for getting ads out there to many people, but it can do so much more. Successfully using TikTok for business requires finding creative ways to make use of every feature available to you. This can increase engagement and improve the user experience for your audience. 

For example, you can add the TikTok Shopping feature to your business profile so viewers can check out your products directly on TikTok. Users don’t have to leave the app to check out your products.

Plus, the increased engagement on your profile can help you get more exposure on TikTok.  

Similarly, try out all the available post options TikTok has, such as Stitches and Duets.

When you post videos, make sure you check the switch to allow other users to Stitch and Duet your post.

These multi-user video styles can significantly increase engagement and exposure in a fun, organic way.  

Clever Ways to Use TikTok for Business

The TikTok advantage can be a powerful marketing tool, helping your business build a community, connect with your audience and organically generate a positive brand reputation.

Understanding how to leverage the TikTok advantage can give you a huge market benefit and boost, particularly with younger audiences.

Any business can implement these tips to improve their engagement on TikTok with creative, entertaining content. 

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