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If there’s one thing every new website and blog needs….it’s more traffic! Without it you have nothing. You can create all the best content in the world or have an amazing product or service to offer and no one will ever see it. This post goes over the ultimate social media sites that will increase your traffic in 2021.

For so many new website owners good traffic is hard to find.

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Google isn’t making getting organic traffic any easier.

The algorithms change so frequently and that what worked one day won’t necessarily work the next and in one day all your hard work could be kaput.

Google has over 200 updates per year!

Ultimate SEO Strategy Guide for Bloggers

So what is the SECRET to getting traffic from social media sites to your new website in 2021?



In this How to Social Media checklist we list all the best resources and ways you can drive more targeted visitors to your site via social media platforms.

We’ve also included some guaranteed additional methods to increase your organic traffic along with these social sites. 


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The real trick is to figure out where your target audience hangs out online and focus only on those sources.

When you find out which sources convert best into sales then you ramp those methods up.

So let’s start increasing your traffic!

Social Media Sites That Will Increase Your Traffic

If Facebook was a country it would be the third largest!

Despite the range of competition out there it’s still raging strong with over 2 billion users, and it’s not going anywhere in the near future.

Social media is undeniably a very effective way to get traffic to your website or blog.

Even law firm agencies and other businesses who at one time could never envision themselves on social media now realize they must be in order to compete with their peers.

Social media exposure allows you to build up your audience, connect with potential visitors AND network with other influential people in your niche who already have the audience you want to tap into.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you need to be on EVERY social media site instead focus on the core ones where your target audience can be found.

I use Crowdfire to auto post to multiple social networking channels AND develop social media content automatically. They even connect to your ecommerce and blog sites too!


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“Pinterest isn’t a perfect fit for all web marketers…yet, if you can figure out how to use it as a tool in your SEO toolbox you can drive massive traffic to your site” – Neil Patel


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“ Audience Insight Report  found that LinkedIn drives significantly more traffic to corporate websites than all the other social platforms combined – 64% of all visits” – Steve Rayson.

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SEO Tips

SEO can be an incredibly effective way to get traffic however due to it’s unpredictable nature (all it takes is 1 algorithm update and you could see your rankings lost) efforts should be put into place to drive traffic from alternative sources also.

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SEO falls into 3 categories – blackhat, greyhat, and whitehat.

White hat is completely ‘ethical’ link building.

Blackhat is using whatever means necessary to rank in the search engines and greyhat somewhere in between.

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Facebook Ads

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Forum marketing

Forum marketing works by engaging in relevant forums with your target audience by answering questions, posting great topics and being a useful member.

An example of this is Quora.

Some forums will allow you to share snippets of your post with a link back to your site but most simply allow a clickable signature.

You’ll be surprised how many visitors you can receive just from signature clicks in a busy and engaged forum IF you’re posting useful advice.

Simply posting for the sake of increasing the post count and displaying your link won’t help you much.


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Animoto Logo Image
Video Marketing

Video is everywhere and the influence behind it cannot be ignored.

Our attention spans are sadly getting shorter and shorter by the day. FOMO anyone?

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world behind Google.

YouTube is also a social media website in it’s own right as well as a video sharing platform.

Video reviews, personal presentations through Vimeo, animation, simple slides can all push visitors towards your site in huge numbers.

YouTube is also a HUGE venue for Affiliate Marketers as well making some of them in the ranges of $5-$150,000 per month.

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“YouTube represents fertile ground for lead generation. People tend to forget YouTube is in fact a social platform just like as Facebook and Twitter with sharing capabilities, comments and likes as part of its features.
“ – Juff Bullas

Email Marketing

Email marketing is without a doubt one of the most important, powerful, engaging methods at your disposal.

It is even more power packed than social.

In fact, in terms of converting customers it Crushes Social Media.

It is VITAL to be building an email list from DAY ONE if you run an online business or you’re missing out on repeat visitors & sales as well as building up a relationship and trust with your audience.

Having a series of follow up messages that go out regularly to subscribers can mean a continual stream of visitors back to your site.

Think about it.

If Google ran an algorithm that made all your traffic vanish in one day, and you had a decent email list you wouldn’t be at Google’s mercy.

An email list is also a great way to send ‘broadcast’ messages to get an instant spike of traffic to your latest piece of content.

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Other Traffic Generation Methods

Here are a collection of other traffic generation methods that successful bloggers use:

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slideshare linkedin imag


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Create Viral Infographics for Your Website 

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So now you have a pretty good arsenal of ideas on how to increase website traffic to your website via social media sites.

It’s crucial to examine your analytics and find out who your target audience is and where your they hang out online.  Focus on these sources. You don’t have to do all the methods above. 

You’ll begin to see that certain traffic sources convert into sales and email opt ins more than others so focus all your efforts onto those.

Points to Remember:

  • Don’t waste time on traffic that doesn’t take any action 
  • Traffic is useless if it does not convert.
  • And if you get more traffic but no conversion, the solution is not more traffic
  • What you then need to do is work on converting the traffic you already have before you seek out more

Using the methods here will increase website traffic for you regardless of the type of site you have – so what are you waiting for?

Tell me in the comments section below which resource you found most useful…and grab our epic social media strategy guide to monetize all your social media networks below!


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