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In a very short time, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It has launched influencers and celebrities who have become household names in under a year. It has also started a plethora of trends, challenges, and dances that almost every user is catching on. If you’re thinking this platform could benefit your business, here’s some TikTok marketing tactics you need to know.

This immense popularity has made TikTok an ideal platform for brands, businesses and even bloggers to advertise themselves. TikTok marketing is huge, and many brands have seen spectacular results from their campaigns, including the likes of Chipotle, Walmart, Kool-Aid, and various famous designers.

Even I’ve jumped on the TikTok bandwagon and I have to say it’s really super addictive so be careful you don’t spend too much time on it!

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Tap-to-buy mania: TikTok launches Shopping, and Insta drops Shop ads

Bought it on Insta… The ads know you so well. Two big developments dropped this week in the world of “social commerce” — aka: shopping through social media. TikTok is testing “TikTok Shopping” tabs in North America and the UK through an expanded partnership with ecomm platform Shopify.

Meanwhile, Instagram is launching advertising on its Shop feature globally.

  • Instagram Shop, which launched last year, lets businesses set up digital storefronts on their pages. In some cases, you can pay directly through Instagram with Facebook Pay. FB gets a small fee per purchase.
  • TikTok Shopping:  Shopify merchants with a “TikTok For Business” account can add a “Shopping” tab to their profiles and create mini-storefronts. Kylie Cosmetics will partake early. But shopping takes place in the merchant’s Shopify-powered site.


“Link in bio”… So 2020. US social commerce sales are expected to exceed $35B this year, up 36% from 2020.

New shopping features from TikTok and Instagram are fuel for the creator economy, which relies on affiliate sponsorships. TikTok Shopping will give Shopify merchants — and their influencer partners — the ability to tag products in their videos. Instead of just posing next to a bottle of protein powder, you can also link it.

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Social commerce = the friction-killer… from discovery to checkout.

Our purchasing decisions are often influenced by social media — remove the friction, and ads become even more effective.

You spot pleather boots in a post and buy them directly through Instagram, instead of entering a Google or Amazon rabbit hole.

That seamlessness is extra-valuable for advertisers, which means social giants can charge even more for ads.

That’s why Twitter, Pinterest, and Snap are also doubling down on shopping features – think: branded makeup filters on Snap. – Resource Robinhood

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Tik Tok is a fast-growing platform owned by the China mega company Bytedance. Bytedance Ltd. is a technology company operating a range of content platforms that inform, educate, entertain and inspire people across languages, cultures and more.

Because it is still so new, many brands and businesses have a very skewed understanding of how it works and the kinds of audience it attracts.

One such misconception is that Tik Tok is only used by young people, mostly Gen Z.

However, the app is being used by a large population of an older age group as well.

In fact, in the US, about 38 percent of all TikTok users are above the age of 30!

This has resulted in lower competition compared to other social media platforms, and could work to your advantage, allowing you to reach many people with a much lower cost with these TikTok marketing tactics.

Thinking about getting on the app and seeing how it can work for your business? Let’s get started!

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Here are the top Tik Tok marketing tactics that you should know:

Make sure to use the right hashtags

Just like other social media networks, hashtags is how topics are found.

One of the usual ways people find videos on TikTok is through hashtags, which means that if you want to reach the right people, using the right hashtags is crucial.

With the right hashtags, you are optimizing your video for maximum exposure for when people are using the platform’s search feature.

Unsure which hashtags to use? Just type in a very generic keyword that is related to your video or your brand on the search section, and you will see a list of hashtags that are associated with that keyword.

Find trending hashtags on Tik Tok here:

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Always have clear descriptions for your videos

Another valuable Tik Tok marketing tactic to keep in mind is to always have clear and succinct descriptions for your videos.

A well-written description gives viewers a better understanding of what your video is about and what you want them to take away from it.

Be smart with your descriptions, and you might just see an increase in engagement.

For example, if you make a video about your favorite things about fall, you can ask your audience to share theirs in the comments. Besides, a well-written description has SEO purposes too because it helps Tik Tok gain a better understanding of what your video is about when it indexes it.

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Partner with TikTok influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques in a world obsessed with social media, and TikTok has launched several well-known influencers.

Some of these have even made it to late-night show interviews and are hanging out with A-list Hollywood celebrities.

I use to find some new and seasoned influencers.

By partnering with influencers, you get to tap into their large following and the trust and loyalty that they have gained from their followers.

Tik Tok has also made it very easy for brands and companies to work with influencers through the Tik Tok creator marketplace.

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By joining this marketplace, you can see the metrics associated with various influencers, thereby helping you make sure that you are partnering with an influencer who is right for your brand or product/service.

In this guide you get access to several tips to be a successful influencer and much more:

Ultimate Guide to Being a Paid Social Media Influencer

Market using TikTok Ads

If you want to see quick results through your TikTok marketing, then you may want to invest in TikTok Ads.

This can be a great Tik Tok marketing tactic because it saves you the trouble of investing lots of time, effort and resources into building a large audience for your brand.

Once you set up a Tik Tok ad campaign, you will be able to reach the audience you want, mostly within a period of just 24 hours!

There are five types of ad products that Tik Tok offers, which are In-feed ads, Branded hashtags, Branded effects, Top View ads, and Brand takeover.

Of course, the type of ad product you choose depends on your campaign and your unique goals, but many small businesses often find the most success with In-feed ads.

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Get more website traffic

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TikTok is a social media platform that has no shortage of fun and exciting trends and challenges.

Whether it’s a video format or dance challenge, there have been many trends that the platform has made hugely popular, and many of these have even found their way to mainstream media.

If you want to make an impact and remain relevant on Tik Tok, you should be able to keep up with the latest trends and create and share videos related to these trends.

This will help you get more views and engagement.

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Post regularly and engage with your audience

You could invest in all the TikTok marketing strategies in the world, but if you are not active and fail to post regularly on the platform, then you likely won’t see the results you want.

The more you post, the more opportunities to engage with your audience, and the more likely that new users will find your content.

The good news is that Tik Tok has the highest engagement rate among all social media platforms, across accounts of all sizes.

This means that as long as you remain active on the app and post content regularly,  (at least 1-3x a day) users are likely to engage with your videos.

Larger followers post up to 10x per day.

Build credibility using informational and entertaining videos

Instead of bombarding your audience with branded content every single time, focus on building trust and credibility first by uploading informational and entertaining videos.

This process slowly eases your audience into more heavily-branded content, which you can share once you have earned their trust.

Usually, Tik Tok users will ignore branded content and ads from brands that they are not familiar with, which is why this step is so important for a successful Tik Tok marketing campaign.

These tactics will take your Tik Tok marketing campaign to the next level!

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Tik Tok marketing tips you must know