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With so many social media channels how to you know which ones are best for generating the most business? In this post we’re going to go over how to determine which social apps and channels you need to spend your time on and which ones you don’t.

I had someone contact me the other day saying she wanted to create a better ‘online presence’. She was an author and knew very well that she needs to have one to be relevant and grow her network to reach her readers, make more sales and compete online.

There are definitely certain social platforms that work best for some niches rather than others.

So, which social media channels are best for generating your business?

The short answer is all of them. But you don’t need to be on all of them at once.

The strategy is to understand how the algorithm works for that specific channel and which ones will do the job of generating the most business from your specific audience.

All Social Media channels work slightly differently so the best chances of success come from picking one channel in particular and becoming an expert at using it.

Why Shouldn’t I Be On All The Social Channels?

There’s nothing wrong with being on multiple channels, but is it actually working for you or wasting your time? You may need to do some digging and find out that your target customers don’t ‘live’ there.

Or, you’re simply getting ‘vanity’ likes. Vanity likes don’t turn into conversions that help your business.

However, how are you going to know exactly where your audience is unless you post on all of them? Which ones have you used? Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok…Reddit? There are more sprouting up all the time.

Either way it’s vital if you’re doing social media posts or creating social media videos yourself that you see exactly where your traffic is coming from, how much engagement there is and where more efforts are needed.

Restream allows you to Live stream your content to over 30 platforms at once!

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How to Create an Epic Social Media Presence 

My primary focus is on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

However, you may have more luck with LinkedIn depending upon your niche.

Which ones have you generated the most business from?

Not sure? Look to your analytics for the answers.

I use Ampfluence to help grow my traffic without the use of Bots! You get 100% human powered resources and targeted traffic for your business and growth.


What About Paid Ads vs Social Media Channels?

I’ve tried paid ads on Facebook and haven’t found that much success with them. And the reason? I haven’t put in the effort or consistency.

Consistent marketers with large budgets can reach an enormous ROI with paid ads.

However, in my specific niche, the competition is very high.

And my ad spend would have to be out of the ballpark ridiculous.

It is possible to generate multiple 6 figures without ever spending any money on paid advertising.

Keep reading to find out how.

And no, you don’t need to post every other day either.

In fact, using just 2-3 targeted posts a week you can very easily generate multiple 5 figures every month.

Some marketing pros recommend that people get to 5 figures a month using organic before they spend any money on their chosen channels.

Why is this? Well, think of it this way.

If you are spending all sorts of money putting your message in from of tons of people but they’re all the WRONG people you’re just wasting it.

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How To Create an Epic Social Media Strategy for Your New Website

The best way to build a strong marketing message is to first know your audience at the deepest level possible.

To understand their problems and their pains.

What exactly are they seeking?

Are they seeking money? Career help? Looking to start a side business? Help with promoting a product or service like my author who wants an online presence? To work remotely from home?

The best way to do this is to engage them. The process looks like this:

Get to know your potential customers at 4 levels:

1. Demographics – who are your ideal customers and where do they hang out
2. Problem/Pain – What specifically is the problem you solve for them.
3. Behaviors and language – how your client acts and what they say about their problem-specific language patterns.

i.e. “I want to work from home, but I can’t find any legitimate jobs!”


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4. Mental models and belief systems – What that person believes about themselves, their problem, their ability to solve the problem, and the world. For the most part levels 3 and 4 are massively underused.

Mostly because it requires much more work to uncover and can often mean having some uncomfortable conversations to get the real root of what’s going on. Thought if you go there, you’ll be miles ahead of 99% of your competition.

– Gareth Robinson Head of Business Development at Connecting Dots Marketing. 

Our mental models and belief systems are what drive everything we do… and when you as a blogger or entrepreneur, businessperson or marketer speak directly to them, that’s when your potential client feels like you get them better than anyone else.

What makes sales? Not fabulous sales pitches, not even fantastic products. Emotionally compelling reasons behind the fantastic products or services.

The chances of them saying yes when you invite them to become a client so much higher when that client is emotionally connected.

I remember shopping for eyeglasses somewhere where the salesperson was completely flat and hardly acknowledged my presence! Some people clearly hate their jobs…

Would you have any inkling to go back there and purchase more glasses from them? No way. They lost a customer without even realizing it.

With this information, you can craft powerful writing about posts that speak to your target customer in a way where they feel like you know as well (maybe even better) than they know themselves.

Understanding Your Perfect Customer

As an example, working with my new author client we went through the above process with her to understand her perfect customer. She is selling her new book to first-time Mothers.

We established who she was talking to: Women staying in the workforce and raising a difficult child. AND the type of people she likes to work with.

We established where they hung out on Facebook. Mom groups, however, we also looked at their hobbies, passions, and interests and systematically joined these groups too.

Remember you can’t just join where people work. They also have lives outside of the office.


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Connecting with potential customers in an environment where your competitors aren’t is a huge advantage because you connect with them on a subject, you’re both interested in so if the conversation turns to business, then they already trust and like you.

Inside sales is HUGE because everybody thinks it’s all about the almighty dollar when it’s really not.

It’s about building relationships.

We planned out a series of posts, including written as well as video and some Facebook Live’s, providing education and insights as well as speaking directly to the pain of her audience, and posted them on not just her profiles but into the groups, within 2 weeks she already had several buyers.

There are many social media channels, software, tools and methods you can use to generate a buzz around your product or service without spending money on Ads.

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