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Guest posting is an ideal way for bloggers and online entrepreneurs to grow their blog and website. And yet it seems to be the last thing that we as bloggers make time for. Your blog needs guest post to grow more readership online. When you guest post on another blog you are creating multiple benefits for you as an author, the host blog, as well as for your blog. It gives you the ability to build your reputation as a writer, gain traffic to your blog, and create vital links to your website.

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Maintain Your Readership

Blogging can be super tedious at times. After all, no one feels like writing each and every day of their life. But to keep up your readership it almost requires superhuman consistency to put up with the demand and competition.

If you have a huge following, less frequent updates will mean less people coming to your blog to read. Some of your readers might expect you to write every day. This is especially true if you have been posting articles every day from the day your blog started.

Trying to maintain this practice over a long time can be a difficult thing to do especially if you have other commitments. And who doesn’t?

This can have a huge impact on your blog traffic.

Guest blogging takes the burden off your shoulders which allows you to do other important things you need to do like promotion. If you’re a solopreneur it can seem almost insurmountable at times to tackle all of your tasks alone. Guest bloggers take some of the burden off of you.

How to Keep Your Blog Running While You’re Away

The process of guest posting involves the following steps: 

  • communicating with another blogger
  • creating high quality unique content for another blog
  • gaining a link back to your website

So basically, you are creating high-quality unique content for another website in return for exposure and a link to your website. Guest posting is extremely valuable for that reason as you’re killing two birds with one stone. Not only that, you’re building important connections and networks with people that are in your sphere of influence for possibly a long time to come.

Why guest posting is important

The biggest reason for guest posting is presenting yourself to an audience who may have never found you. If you are able to do this task on a large or popular blog, you will be exposed to many readers that you may have never had the chance to or may have never found your website.

This can lead to subscribers to your website and provide you with potential customers.

The key to guest posting on another blog is finding a related blog that you will relate to the readers. This doesn’t mean that the blog can’t cover another topic but it needs to be relevant to the content you provide on your website.

You want to provide great value for their readers and present yourself as an authoritative figure in your industry.

When you create good content for another blog the readers will definitely take notice. This will lead to more traffic to your website which may lead to subscriptions, more leads or purchases of your services or products.


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The most important thing that you must keep in mind is you need to appeal to the readers of their blog. Do your research and find out what content seems to get the most feedback or positive reaction from their blog.

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Enhance your guest posting experience

If you really want to enhance the experience, I recommend that you also post a relevant blog post on your website on the topic discussed in your guest post. This will be a nice welcome for the visitors of the other blogs website and give them content that they can dig into immediately.

Some writers have even created welcome messages to visitors of the other blog.

If you are looking for a great way to build authority, traffic, and links to your website you should highly consider these techniques.

Start connecting with like-minded bloggers and start implementing this important tactic today. You’ll begin to see how beneficial it is when others reach out to you for guest blogs opportunities.

54 Guest Posting Sites That Are Worth Your Time

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To Sum It All Up

Hopefully you’ll start implementing guest posting on the top of your to-do list as you can see the many benefits it can bring:

1) You get increased traffic – Guest blogging will send a variety of visitors to your website, and this is excellent for business, as well as for your website.

2) Increase visibility – Guest blogging helps the blogger and his or her website to get better search engine ranking.

3) Builds online influence – Guest blogging is an important way of influencing other people, whether it is with regard to their personal life or your business. This opportunity is there if you blog on your own site, but guest blogging increases the number of viewers because there are more bloggers who attract their own readers as well.

4) Foster authority and credibility – With guest blogging you get the opportunity to associate with many top bloggers in your niche. When other bloggers start to see your name on a regular basis, they will start to give you the recognition that you deserve. Through guest blogging you get an opportunity to build a portfolio and by doing this many people will begin to trust you.

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Here are the names of 50 popular sites that accept guest posts:



  • LifeHacker
  • Inspirationfeed
  • Brit + Co
  • Elite Daily
  • Bustle
  • Marie Claire
  • Glamour
  • Byrdie
  • Refinery29
  • Trend Hunter
  • The Zoe Report
  • CafeMom
  • Family Circle
  • LA Parent
  • BabyCenter
  • Better Parenting
  • Everyday Family


  • Martha Stewart
  • Nutrition Rocks
  • Eat Boutique
  • Yummy
  • So Good Blog
  • Christianity Today
  • Beliefnet
  • HarperCollins Christian
  • The Humanist
  • New Sacred
  • Bible Way Mag
  • MindBodyGreen
  • Greatist
  • Thrive Global
  • Health Line
  • Fitness Magazine
  • Wellbeing Secrets


Self Improvement/Business/Finance/Spiritual

  • Psychology Today
  • Delivering Happiness
  • Purpose Fairy
  • Blinkist
  • Psych Central
  • Business Insider
  • Forbes
  • Fast Company
  • Entrepreneur
  • Inc.
  • Venture Beat
  • Biz Sugar
  • Elephant Journal
  • Tiny Buddha
  • Sivana East

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