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If your online businesses website still doesn’t have a blog in 2023, you definitely need to add one! To stand out and rise above your competition today is getting tougher than ever. To make your presence known online requires a host of complex strategies and a team effort from multiple resources. A blog still remains one of the most essential tactics that will help your business obtain and maintain customers. This post explains how a blog can help your online business grow and why it’s vital that you add one to your website this new year if you haven’t already.

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How Blogging Can Help Your Online Business Explode

In the vast ocean of similar products and services available out there, no one offers exactly the same products and services like you do. Rather than just have a cookie cutter type website that shows what you offer a blog helps to differentiate your company to emphasize the uniqueness of it.

Blogging in 2023 quite simply helps to establish your company as an authority in your niche.

It gives your company a chance to show its personality, flavor and share some experiences that distinguish you from your competitors.

You can even compete against larger corporations with a well written, authoritative style blog. If you want to cater to a particular target audience, your business needs a blog.

With that being said, there’s a right way to blog and a wrong way. After you read about the benefits of adding a blog to your business website you need to have a strategy to go about blogging the right way in order to gain the most traffic from it.

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Blogging in 2023 is Proven to Help Businesses Obtain Authority

It’s been statistically proven that blogging helps to build a company’s brand and show expertise.

These statistics show that a blog can:

  • Generate more leads than businesses that don’t have a blog
  • Warm prospective customers up to your business
  • Help to promote your company more effectively than through ads
  • Helps buyers get educated

Blog Communication isn’t one sided

A business blog for the New Year is also highly effective because it provides two-way communication between your business and your customer or prospective ones. Ideas can be exchanged, comments made, and your readers get a chance to voice their own points of view.

A blog is seen as a more casual and personal form of communication. Much like a conversation.

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Blogs offer insights into your audience

Another reason blogs in 2023 are helpful to businesses is because they can offer you an idea of who your target audience is.

It can provide their name, email, demographic, and direct feedback about your business.

For businesses, building a customer profile is essential to know how they can build better content and increase further engagement with them.

Business is about building relationships and blogs help to get to know your customers better.

A Blog in 2023 Improves Your SEO

According to the Content Marketing Institute and other highly reputable source websites state that have blogs get 434% more search indexed pages than ones who do not. If you’re looking to improve your SEO, and who isn’t?

Creating a robust business blog for the New Year can help.

SEO is a slow process and Google won’t rank you on page one overnight but with steady and consistent blog content that provides valuable information to your audience, it will significantly enhance your SEO over time.

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Blogging Helps Strengthen Your Knowledge

Whether you’re writing your own blogs or have AI write blog content for you, a business blog keeps you abreast of all the latest news about your own business or industry.

Blogging benefits your business because the more you communicate your expertise in this knowledge the more you establish trust with your audience.

This trust that you build as an expert in your field turns your viewers into customers that stick with you for a long time.

Blog Posts Also Help with Social Media Content

If you’re struggling to come up with fresh new content for social media, your blog can be a great place to curate information.

Your audience will appreciate the interesting facts, images, infographics, quotes or other tidbits that help you to maintain a consistent presence on your social media channels.

How To Create an Epic Social Media Strategy For Your New Website

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A Blog for the New Year Can Grow Your Email List

I personally hate going to any website and within seconds a box pops up asking me to sign up for an email list.

I haven’t even read anything! I don’t know what the company is all about, why would I immediately sign up to be on yet another email list?

I don’t know about you, but my inbox is already overflowing with stuff I can’t even get to. Give me some time to see if I want to add yet another…


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If people go to your site to read your blog and find that it’s absolutely amazing, solves their problems and suits their purposes and they want to be sure they don’t miss any future posts from you they will be twice as likely to sign up for your newsletter.

Your blog can help make your business appear to have the very best and most knowledgeable answers which will entice them to sign up for your list.

This is important because this way you can pass on other relevant information about your business such as new products, specials, services or promotions. Or simply, helpful information that is beneficial.

A Blog in 2023 Generates New Leads

A well-formulated business blog is a storefront of sorts that is open 24/7. Many blogging layouts have pages that lead customers to calls of action such as a free eBook, white pages or a FREE consultation.

With these strategies, your blog is like a salesperson. It benefits you by creating opportunities to sell products or services and generate leads.

You can also monetize your blog for passive income if you chose to by choosing companies relative to your niche to be an affiliate with. This way when someone clicked on a certain link for that company you would get a certain percentage of a commission. This would cost nothing extra to your prospective customer so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Blogging offers a very wide range of benefits for your business.

If you want more business and to set yourself apart from your competition and establish yourself as an authority in your field, your business would be very wise to have a blog for the new year!

How often should you blog for business?

Back in the day, the saying was ‘content is king’. I don’t disagree with this. However, with all the noise out there and the plethora of information that is available there needs to be a strategy to your blogging game that makes sense.

It doesn’t make sense to throw out 10 low-quality blog posts of 300-500 words each with very little information or value in them. To me, this is just a waste of time, money and effort.

And these posts hardly stand a chance to get ranked by Google.

Google is very discerning about what it serves up to people who are searching for specific information.

In other words, focus on quality and not quantity with your business blog posts. Aim for between 4-6 posts containing around 1200-1500 words (Google loves long content!) of well-researched articles with targeted keywords. Keywords are words that people type in when they are searching for something.

If you can’t do it yourself or just don’t have the time, hire a blog writing service or have AI software help you.

These are companies that specialize in writing business blogs who cater to certain niches.

There are plenty of great freelance blog writers out there too!

This will only benefit your company in the long run and get you found in the SERPs!


Blog Services in 2023

If you need help setting up a blog for the new year or help with blog content for your business, you can also contact me.

I specialize in helping businesses stand out by creating engaging, SEO optimized blog content, blog audits, social media consultations and more!


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