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Socialbuzzhive in South Florida is a leading digital marketing blog focused on content marketing strategies to grow your business online including;

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), blogging tips, freelance writing techniques, social media marketing and content monetization tips for creative entrepreneurs, brands and small business owners worldwide.

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Premium Blog & Content Writing Services

Your online business needs a solid content marketing strategy to stand out among the 1.93 billion websites out there today!

I’m proud to partner with many industry experts that have a vast knowledge on how to rank your web pages #1 in Google and the top search engines. 

I specialize in partnering with content marketing professionals to create expert SEO optimized blog posts, articles, white papers, proof reading services and ghost-writing services for major companies in South Florida and WORLDWIDE.

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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing expert and blogger Heidi Cohen, provides a detailed explanation, stating:

“Content marketing provides prospects, customers and the public with useful information while shopping or after purchase, without shouting its promotional messages.”


Content marketing’s major attributes are:

  1. To embody an organization’s core brand elements
  2. – To use a variety of media formats such as text, video, photographs, audio, presentations, eBooks, and infographics to tell your brand or company’s story
  3. – Can be read on a variety of devices including computers, tablets, smartphones, and others
  4. – Is distributed via owned, third-party, and social media platforms
  5. – Provides measurable results through the use of appropriate calls-to-action and promotional codes

No matter which definition you prefer, in its simplest form, content marketing is a way to attract and retain customers by providing them with something of value.

A website with grammar errors is an immediate turn off. 


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Content marketing is a ‘must have’ form of marketing

Neil Patel reminds us that content marketing and SEO, for example, are separate.

Content marketing is “broader and more holistic,” while “SEO is narrower, and more technical.”

While content marketing and SEO overlap, content marketing will not replace SEO, or any other form of marketing.

One of the main benefits of content marketing is that it can increase sales for your business— Business 2 Community actually found that 30% of respondents from a survey reported their ROI increased because of content marketing.


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Content Marketing Helps to Gain Visibility Online

Enhance your presence on the web with blog content that boosts your authority in your niche. Keep your target audience informed and updated with the latest news in your industry.

Your blog needs a booster shot! Businesses that blog get 434% more search indexed pages.

Blogging is essential for getting your website found in the vast digital ocean! Our writers know how to create engaging innovative content that will create intriguing blogs for your business and brand.

Quality content creates improved rankings in search.


Blogging and Content Marketing Tips

If you’re seeking to turn your website into a money making 24/7 storefront this website will help you with strategies such as:


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