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Affiliate marketing is one of my favorite ways to make passive income online. I put together this list of hundreds of reputable companies that pay some of the highest affiliate marketing commissions in a variety of niches to help you make passive income.

affiliate marketing
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It is vital to diversify your income as a blogger and creator and not rely too heavily on one income source.

For that reason, making sure that you have several streams of blog income: ad revenue, sponsored posts, your own digital products courses or services, and utilizing affiliate marketing on your website will always ensure that you have a flow of earnings coming through your website consistently month after month.

This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a commission if you purchase anything with no cost to you! Please read my disclaimer for more information. And thank you! 

Each stream is important, but affiliate marketing is my absolute favorite way to make passive income online because it results in the best returns relative to the amount of time, I spend on it.

And! Each evergreen blog posts continues to earn money season after season.

Generate the Highest Commissions with these High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs

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I am still so surprised that the more I talk to other bloggers, the more I realize that most bloggers are under-utilizing affiliate marketing.

In the words of Michelle Schroeder Gardner who created the blockbuster course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – and who sails all over the world and makes over $150,000 per month from affiliate marketing, “if you’re not doing affiliate marketing then you are leaving money on the table!”

Below are some actionable tips for how you can get started earning more in affiliate sales immediately with these 100 top paying affiliate marketing programs for bloggers! 

If you aren’t already familiar with affiliate marketing, it is basically promoting products/services and earning a commission when someone makes a purchase through your unique affiliate link.

It’s a great way for bloggers to earn money by promoting things they already use and love without having to store any product or deal with customer service issues.

Key! It’s very important that you stand by a product that you recommend in order to build trust for your audience.

Why is affiliate marketing an important income stream?

affiliate marketing
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In my opinion, affiliate marketing is the most efficient way to earn money as a blogger or content creator.

Think about it.

With Ad revenue that is directly tied to your page views. Period. If your page views don’t increase, your ad revenue will remain stagnant.

If your page views decrease, your ad revenue will also decrease.
Sponsored posts are somewhat limiting, in my opinion, for two reasons:

1) Some readers are sensitive to sponsored posts, so I like to keep the majority of my content organic and take on very few sponsored posts per month; and

2) They can take a TON of time and even if you are earning a great flat rate, your return on investment is going to be limited comparatively.

Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, is NOT directly tied to page views.

For instance, if someone visits your Amazon store through your affiliate or influencer link and purchases 10 products, you get a commission on all 10 of those products just because they came from your link!

I sometimes earn more through affiliate sales during months that my traffic is down than when it has hit a record high!

The great thing is that with the popularity of social media platforms you don’t even need a website these days to be a successful affiliate marketer.

Although I do recommend having a website or a creator store which is the best way IMO to promote your offerings. 

On your blog or websites.

Add your affiliate links to your Pinterest Pins!

Add to Facebook (on your blog/business page, Facebook groups, Facebook live, your personal page!)

On Instagram (make an Instagram story, Instagram Live, use the link in your bio!)

On Twitter (you will want to tweet multiple times per day because Twitter moves fast!)

Through your email list (promote a sale, include in your email opt-in freebie

Via YouTube (make a video reviewing the product you’re an affiliate for)

Through TikTok! TikTok, lets you have a link in your bio where you can house your best affiliate links.

How do you go about actually finding high paying affiliate marketing programs to join?

And how do you know which affiliate programs are really worth joining?

The Share-A-Sale network is the perfect platform to get insight into what programs are the highest rated and which will match up with your website or business.

I like Share-A-Sale because the dashboard is easy to use and simple to understand. There’s no fees to join and if you’re a merchant it helps you find sales leads as well1

Here is the perfect list to help you get started earning with companies that pay some of the top affiliate commissions!

Let’s get to it!

General Retail & Brand Affiliate Marketing Programs 

Temu Affiliate Program:

Temu is the hottest online shopping market in town! With prices lower than Amazon, Gen Z and others are flocking there to shop!

  • Commission rates: Temu offers higher commission rates than Collective Voice, with rates up to 20%.
  • Products: Temu offers a wider variety of products to promote than ShopStyle Collective, including fashion, home decor, electronics, and more.
  • Affiliate tools: Temu offers a variety of affiliate tools to help content creators promote products, including custom links, banners, and social media tools.
  • Tiered commission structure: Temu offers a tiered commission structure, which means that content creators can earn higher commissions for referring more customers.

Read my latest post: Temu Affiliate Program vs Collective Voice!

Temu affiliate program

 Earn More Cash, Leads and Grow Your Brand:

As mentioned earlier in the post, ShareASale is a huge affiliate network but very simple to maneuver and understand.

They have thousands of merchants that can work for any niche – Fashion, travel, beauty, pets, crafts, health, tech, business, etc.

Find a sponsor for your website and get paid for your great content!

It’s free to sign up and then you get access to a ton of different affiliate programs!



ShareASale is an affiliate marketing platform that has thousands of merchants to help monetize your content.

They pay a very high Commission of:  – $150 per sign up and $30 per lead.


Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program:

amazon image
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You can earn commission on any Amazon product – not just the item someone clicks on and orders – you receive commissions from their ENTIRE order.

The commission earnings for Amazon is between 1 – 20% depending on the product. 

Here’s a list of the Fixed Standard Commission rates for Amazon. 

For example, say someone clicks on your link for best unique gifts but then decides that they also need baby diapers, a gift for grandma, school supplies and some electronics. You would get a commission on the entire order!

Unlike some other programs in this list that allows for cookies to last as long as a year in some cases, the Amazon affiliate cookie only lasts for 24 hours, which means that Amazon affiliates can only earn commission from sales that take place within 24 hours after users have clicked on the affiliate link.

Another downside is that if you don’t earn commissions in 30 days they remove you from the program which can be discouraging if you don’t get enough sales – BUT! If got your API taken away, then I recommend you get the Amalinks Plugin and you don’t have to worry about this!

NOTE – They do have cookies that last longer than 24hrs -there are some product links that last as long as 90 days!

The simplest most efficient way to add Amazon links to your website.

Plus if you sign up to be an affiliate with Amalinks you get 50% commission and LIFETIME COMMISSIONS!

amalinks pro wp affiliate plugin


This is an all-in-one platform that helps grow your Amazon seller account.

They provide sellers with all the resources and data you need to be successful on Amazon and other ecommerce sites. It was even built by Amazon sellers!

Plus, they have an awesome affiliate program. Earn 25% commission on all the plans, monthly and annual!

Sign up HERE for Jungle Scout. 

jungle scout amazon fba


Companies That Pay Affiliate Marketing Commissions – 30% and Up

Benzinga Pro

Fast stock market tips and inside information before it hits the news – Pays a generous 30% commission.

Benzinga Pro


Visme is an all-in-one platform that allows anyone regardless of design skill to create beautiful presentations, documents, data visualizations, infographics and videos!

Pays a 30% commission.

Visme infographics

Leadpages the #1 website & landing page builder

My choice for building the best websites and landing pages simply and fast.

All without any code or developer needed. They pay a super high commission of up to 50%


This software helps anyone create their own app in minutes.

The ultimate learning experience to share with your audience.

Let’s face it, apps are where it’s at! If you don’t have an app for your business, you are behind the times.

No coding and no tech, easy drag and drop and highly affordable! 30% commission for partnerships. create your own app


Freshbooks offers a $55 Commission, and $5 per Lead – Plus they have great Accounting Software that helps you keep track of all business spending from one place.


Credit Assistance Network

credit cards

Pays $95 Per Sale. Helps people get out from under debt.

Revive Social

Pays a 55% commission. Share your social posts on autopilot.


AI enabled SEO Powerhouse platform.  

Scalenut boasts a comprehensive, end-to-end SEO workflow, surpassing any competition in the field.

From cutting-edge Keyword Planning and innovative Topic Clustering to the magic of AI-powered automated SEO writing.

Pays a generous 30% – 40% commission for life.

99 Designs

Community of designers for everything from logo design to book covers, websites, animation videos and more!

Commissions start at $35/$50/Up to $80 for Brand Partnership


One of the most well-known FREE CRM and sales, marketing, and customer service platforms online.

  • Earn up to $1,000 for each purchase you drive, depending on the product tier:
    • Starter/Basic: $250
    • Professional/CMS: $500
    • Enterprise: $1,000
    • Their content gurus will even tailor creatives geared towards your specific audience.


Amazing Selling Machine

ASM offers free software and a course that teaches others how to successfully source products for the Amazon FBA program and start an online business.

With ASM you can earn $1,598.80 – $2,392.80 per referral! SIGN UP HERE

free amazon training

CJ Affiliate

{formerly known as Commission Junction} Commissions vary per vendor.

Software and Marketing Affiliate Marketing Programs

cross channel marketing
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Website hosting, $65 – $125 per sign-up and higher (this is my web host, and they sometimes have higher commissions like $100 for Black Friday!)

Through Bluehost affiliate marketing, you get a commission of $65 – $125 per qualified sale. is one of the most renowned web hosting companies and domain registrars in the world.

The learning curve of how to make money on by Bluehost Affiliate Program is quite simple and straightforward.

You have to follow just a couple of steps to join the program.

Once they approve your request, you can start displaying customized banner ads on your website or blog.

blue host affiliate

Constant Contact

Email Marketing Automation, stunning design and Templates $105 Commission/$5 Lead – 60-day FREE trial with no credit card.

constant contact

AI Content Generator – Writesonic

Stop struggling with writer’s block! Automated content in all languages for all your marketing needs! 30% recurring monthly commissions for life.

ai writer writesonic


A popular social media marketing tool that curates content for you AND schedules it several platforms so you can free up more time!

Only $7 monthly for their services and they pay a 35% commission! 


Elegant Themes

WordPress themes for bloggers, pays a 50% commission.


The #1 place to buy and sell businesses, websites, apps online.

Free valuation. 15% commission – Websites on the platform are bought and sold for $500 to $500,000 and more allowing you to make large commissions.

recession proof categories
List or buy a website, domain or business on flippa today! Get a Free valuation.


Lead Generation tool – Pays a 30% commission

hello bar
Convert more leads from your website


Offers all in one CRM, sales and marketing automation to grow your business further.

Pays a high commission of $100 per sale – Earn $250 for every Keap Pro or Keap Max sale *includes Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft)


A bundle of legal & freelance templates and contracts for bloggers and freelancers.

Protect your business and your website from all legal issues simply and easily. Pays a generous 40% commission.


Mailer Lite

Simple Email marketing to grow your audience and your revenue faster. FREE to try!

Pays a 30% commission.


Boost your website conversion by 15% in under 15 minutes!

Pays a hefty 30% commission – try Proof for FREE 

Proof conversion

Monster Insights

The best Google Analytics plugin to give you detailed easy to read analytics right from your WordPress dashboard, so you know exactly which type of content to produce for your audience.

Pays a 20% commission.

monster insights google analytics plug in


The best platform (and the one I use) to create and sell all your digital courses, create webinars, email marketing and more – with no tech and no coding required.

They handle absolutely everything from email marketing, affiliate programs and payments! A superior platform for selling.

They also pay a generous 30% commission.



Created by the makers of WP forms and Monster Insights the #1 ways to capture leads from your website.

Pays a 20% commission.

optin monster


Platform for hosting digital products, 20% recurring commission.

Social Warfare:

Automated social sharing program that makes it super easy to share your posts across multiple platforms. Pays a 30% commission.

This all-in-one marketing system offers a huge 60% commission!

According to you will now earn 60% affiliate commissions per sale
if your referrals purchase a subscription or course!


Content creation platform for all businesses


Earn these Rewards for referring people to Verblio!

  • $200 when new customer reaches 30 days and $200 in revenue
  • $200 when new customer reaches 30 days and $200 in revenue


The leading SEO and social media all-in-one toolkit to help put you in the Google ten hotspot.

be rush affiliate

As an affiliate, when you promote SEMrush, you get 40% recurring commission for sale.

The commission for SEMrush goes as follow:

  1. For pro plan (priced at $99.95/month), you earn $39.98
  2. For Guru plan (priced at $199.95/month), you earn $79.98
  3. For Business plan (priced at $399.95/month), you earn $159.98
  4. It goes higher if the referral opt for enterprise plan and purchase add-ons.

And while you’re here type in your URL and see how your website is performing for FREE!



The popular ecommerce software that creates online stores around the globe. Drop shipping available and simple Amazon integration!

200% commission in US and 300% commission on subscriptions in Europe.

A popular eCommerce user-friendly set up to sell anything to a global audience.

shopify logo
start an ecommerce store today


Shutterstock is an American provider of stock photography, stock footage, stock music, and editing tools; it is headquartered in New York City.

Founded in 2003 by programmer and photographer Jon Oringer, Shutterstock maintains a library of around 200 million royalty-free stock photos, vector graphics, and illustrations, with around 10 million video clips and music tracks available for licensing.

Originally a subscription site only, Shutterstock expanded beyond subscriptions into a la carte pricing in 2008.

It has been publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange since 2012.


About Shutterstock’s Affiliate Marketing Program:

Earn up to $300 commission.

+ Earn up to $300 per new customer purchase
+ Earn a 20% revenue share on the net sales amount when new customers make a Image, Footage, or Music purchase.
+ Receive regular and flexible automatic monthly payments via PayPal or e-transfer.
+ Track results via cookie-based affiliate tracking software which allows affiliates to be credited within 30 days after the first click.
+ Interact with dedicated in-house affiliate managers who will help to optimize and improve your performance results and commissions.
+ Implement the Shutterstock API for a native site experience with dynamic search results (learn more at,
+ Add their customizable Affiliate Widget (learn more at, or
+ Pull banners in different sizes translated in multiple languages, text links, or search box for other promotional efforts.
+ Use exclusive coupon codes and promotional offers.

Shutterstock Affiliate Program

Mobile Monkey

A great mobile messaging app that outsells human reps! 30% commission.

mobile monkey

The Hoth

This marketing leader pays 25% commissions. They specialize in SEO, content marketing and link building features to grow businesses. Located in St. Petersburg, FL.

Etsy Printables Course

Pays a generous 40% in commission. This course is so popular there’s usually a wait list. Offers free workshops and ebooks on how to start and grow your own online digital Etsy printable business.

passive income on etsy


Pays a 50% commission from all subscription payments – This website development platform is transforming the way websites are created because they don’t require a developer, coding or tech!


Earn these Rewards for referring people to Webflow

  • 50% for monthly plan for the first year
  • 50% for annual plan for the first year

WP Tasty Pins

Pays a 30% commission for this simple plugin that allows you to optimize for Pinterest and SEO.

SiteSellSolo Build It

Everything you need to create and launch an online business. Pays various high commissions.


Popular platform that pays various commission to promote this popular online network. They have freelancers from all over the world available to complete ALL of your website or online business projects.

fiverr animator


How to Earn Up to $700 Per Hour as a LinkedIn Ghostwriter

How to Sell on Amazon with Shopify

Launch Your Shopify Store for a 6 Figure Business

Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Beginners


Fashion, Home and Beauty High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs 

Barkev’s for Fine Jewelry & Gemstones

Barkev’s is a leading designer of unique engagement rings for men and women ranging from classic white diamond solitaire rings to black diamond engagement jewelry and more.

Morganite Engagement Ring MOC-7994LP
Barkev’s Fine Jewelry

Puffy Mattress

Earn $300 Per Sale!

Puffy Lux

Shopstyle Collective:

Now called ‘Collective Voice’.

Offering potentially unlimited earnings.

They have brands like ASOS, J. Crew, & Nordstrom, Cartier, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Prada and hundreds of others!

How to Earn Money with Shopstyle Collective

Stitch Fix:

$25 per sale on these monthly clothing subscription boxes


1-50% commission, 30-day cookie. One of the largest beauty retailers in the US.

Essential Oils

Ultimate Bundles Essential Oils resource guide that should be in every household. 40% commission.

Just Nutritive

Natural skin care, tanning oils, moisturizers and more! $10-15 commissions.

Just Nutritive Tanning Indoor Oil 8 oz.

Nira Skincare Laser

Forget the Botox! Nira’s at home skincare laser removes wrinkles and keeps skin looking younger.

Petit Vour

My favorite Cruelty FREE beauty subscription box.

Get new products monthly. Makes a perfect gift for the vegan beauty lover in your life. $10.00 commission for each new sign up.

petite vour

Food, Wine and Personal Products – Affiliate Marketing Programs

California Wine Club

For 30 years this company has been helping artisan wineries share their small-batch wines. Wide selection of wines available for delivery.

Weight Loss Webinar

40% commission for promoting this NYT best-selling author who teaches people how to lose weight through EFT techniques.

Healthy fruit
Healthiest snacks ever! Rainbow Snack Platter by Food Runner

Gourmet Food World

A mecca of gourmet foods and delicacies from all over the world! 30% commission.

Steaks and Game

The best place to purchase prime cuts of beef, chicken and game online. 30% commission.

Green Roads CBD

One of the world’s leading CBD companies selling a multitude of CBD infused products for people and pets. Various commissions.

Love Honey

Lingerie and adult personal products to spice up your love life. Various commissions. 13 – 20% per sale.

Latest Posts>>>

Photography, Design & Creative Affiliate Marketing Programs 

Simplifying DIY Design

An entire creator’s vault filled with over 450+ templates, done-for-you funnels, Holiday bundle templates, brand design and much more! 30% commission. 

ultimate holiday template toolkit

Template monster

Template Monster

A massive resource of templates to create any type of website you need. 30% for first sale then 10% following.

Smug Mug

photography gifts

The 27 Best FREE Stock Photo Images for Your Business


Travel Affiliate Marketing Programs

25% and up commission on bookings


You can earn $40+ Airbnb credits for every referral you make.


You can receive various levels of commission for sales on Agoda, which is a hotel/hostel booking website


50% commission on sales


When a reader clicks through your link to TripAdvisor, and then makes a purchase from a TripAdvisor advertising partner, you will earn a 50% commission of the sales.


Various commissions for this popular travel site.

Sandals Resorts: 4% of sales on bookings

Lonely Planet: 15% of sales on travel guides/ebooks


Pays 10% on all sales!


Online Courses & eBooks – Affiliate Marketing Programs

Get Paid to Pin

Pinterest course teaching you how to make money on Pinterest 40% commission.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Power blogger Michelle Schroeder Gardner’s classic course and best seller that covers everything you need to know about Affiliate Marketing.

Shows you exactly how to make money while you sleep and earn passive income.

Michelle makes over $150,000 a month from affiliate marketing commissions!

You must take the course to be an affiliate, but it is well worth it. 40% Commission.

making sense of affiliate marketing

Earn a 40% commission for Nadalie Bardo’s wonderful course on how to create ‘clickable’ Pinterest pins.

Pinterest Popular


How to Make Money Buying and Re-Selling Online

How to Succeed and Profit with Affiliate Marketing

Create Passive Multiple Income Sales Funnels

How to Earn $100K a Year Selling on Amazon FBA

25 Ways to Make Insane Money with social media


Personal Finance Affiliate Marketing Programs

5 ways to monetize business and assets

Diversy Fund

I invest in and recommend this REIT (real estate investment trust) fund for investing in real estate without being an owner.

They also pay an $80.00 commission for every person that signs up via your link.

DiversyFund is a financial tech startup dedicated to providing everyday Americans with the same investment opportunities as the wealthy.

The make it possible for all Americans to invest like the 1% by helping people diversify their investments beyond stocks and bonds and into “alternative investments.”

Currently, they offer a real estate fund that allows everyday people to invest in apartment complexes through our private real estate investment trust (REIT).

DiversyFund aims to close the wealth gap and enable everyone to achieve financial freedom by providing them access to investments that previously were only open to the wealthy.

Join their affiliate program and help them build their community and give all Americans equal investment opportunities.

Earn $80 per sign up.


I invest with Fundrise on a monthly basis to grow wealth! They specialize in commercial and residential properties mostly around the sunbelt which is booming now.

With the stock market being as volatile as it is, Fundrise is the only account that has earned me money these last few quarters.

Start with as little as $10 and earn $100 commission for each sign up.

Check out Fundrise here. 


Another survey website, pays $3 per lead (email sign-up)


Popular money saving website, pays $5 per sign-up.

Grocery Budget Makeover

Online course to help you save money grocery shopping, pays a 20% commission.

Wealthy Affiliate Program

Another well known affiliate teaching program and community.

Pays a generous $175 commission if someone signs for a yearly membership/$22.50 commission if someone signs for a monthly Gold membership.

wealthy affiliate


Earn up to 4.55% on your money by saving and investing with Wealthfront.

And 5.05% if a friend signs up with your link. Pays much better than any other typical bank savings rates out there now! They also offering investing programs.

Highest paying affiliate marketing programs: Creatives, Retail & Digital Companies


Online course website, 50% commission.


Global online marketplace with millions of products. Commission varies depending on product.


An online leader for creators to build courses online or sell digitally.  30% lifetime commission.

teachable logo
top 5 online businesses


Earn $20 per sale commission for this wonderful tool every blogger, freelance writer and anyone who writes content online needs.


And there you have it! 100+ profitable affiliate marketing programs.

Remember, there are hundreds of others that you can apply for, but these are excellent for getting you started and have the highest commissions!

Now here’s an important tip: You do need to wait to apply your affiliate links until you have decent traffic.

The reason for this is because certain affiliate links have different ‘cookie’ expirations.

In case you don’t know what, a cookie is it’s the small amount of data generated by a website to remember information about you.

That’s how it knows that you like certain products and information.

Some affiliate cookies have short expiration dates, and some have no expiration dates. ****** Wealthy affiliate for one has a lifetime cookie.

Which means you keep earning commissions from it forever!

With wealthy affiliate you can earn up to $175 sales!

Many people upgrade once they are members to the yearly membership package as it is quite a savings, so if you refer people regularly to Wealthy Affiliate, you can expect some of the commissions to be the $175 ones.

It is hard to find an affiliate program that pays that type of revenue anywhere!

As mentioned earlier certain companies like Amazon have cookies that only last 24hrs or 90 days depending on the products.

Keep this in mind…

Affiliate marketing takes time and dedication.

The more you work on affiliate marketing, the more affiliate marketing will work for you earning you passive income from anywhere at any time!

Affiliate marketing programs earned my blog over $26,000.00 

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income earns over $100,000 per month with Affiliate Marketing.

He earned over $300K from ONE product!

The Penny Hoarder $1Million last year. Not a typo!

This list barely scratches the surface of companies that pay high commissions to affiliate marketers!

If you want to learn more, be sure to check out the courses I mentioned above. Or visit Shareasale and compare commission rates. 

These comprehensive courses contain detailed tutorials and cover everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or you simply want to increase your earnings, they will definitely help you reach your profit goals by making a passive income online whether from home, traveling or anywhere on the planet!

Sign up with Shareasale to start connecting with high paying companies and brands today!

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