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SEO Best Strategies & Practices for Everyone


If you provide any type of services, products or information online, developing the best SEO strategies for your blog or online business is the crucial aspect that increases traffic and helps your audience find you in an overwhelming sea of online competition.

Google is a hugely competitive place. Everybody wants their website to be featured at the top of the listings. Here’s how I recommend going about it. 

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Why SEO is Crucial for All Online Businesses 


This increased exposure due to SEO means more of the right visitors to your blog and webpages, and ultimately more sales, profits and an increased ROI. 

Developing an effective SEO marketing strategy for your blog or business; whether local or globally, should be your TOP priority when first building your website’s architecture and establishing yourself online.

The goal of ranking in the top ten without paid tactics like Pay Per Click (PPC) and purchasing media advertising, means you must construct a web page that Google’s algorithms will love.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization experts measure 3 things for your website; 




If you’ve been struggling to get THE RIGHT traffic to your website, blog or business it’s smart to let professional SEO experts help but they can cost a bundle. 

 Google (and other major search engines like Bing, Yahoo and others) determines the overall quality of your website with over 200 ranking ‘variables’ or factors, which decides exactly where your blog or business will show up in the SERPs (search engine results pages). 

Google made over 3,200 updates last year and over 540 improvements to their search algorithm alone. That’s a lot of information!

As a business owner or entrepreneur, it would take up all your time and efforts to stay on top of these SEO guidelines. 

If your website has been constructed poorly from the beginning, it will not rank high in the SERPs organically no matter what you do. 


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How SEO Helps Your Business 

To have your web pages rank on page one today and have a successful website or business online your SEO techniques must be in STELLAR form. 

Search terms are the new brick and mortar locations. 

The best SEO practices can provide you with the best spot in town with a brighter and better storefront to stand apart and outperform your competition.




SEO Provides Increased Credibility 

When you appear at the top of the search results your business or blog appears more credible. 

Very few, if any people go to the second page of Google anymore. 

When people can’t find your business right away, it will LITERALLY cost you legitimacy and authority.  And PROFITS!

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SEO Provides Higher Close Rates


The right SEO recommendations won’t just help you get more traffic but grow your online audience faster. 

Because what’s the sense if you’re reaching the wrong type of prospect? 

The goal is to lead the right type of visitors to your website by creating the right ‘searcher intent’ to improve your sales and your bottom line.  

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SEO Brings You Qualified Leads for FREE 


Google has gotten so particular in ranking websites because it wants to return the very best results to users who are actively searching for a particular search query or phrase; whether written or spoken.

Getting to the top ten spot in Google means you’re legitimately providing the best of the best information to the people who want it the most, exactly at the moment when they are searching for it.

It means you are the most authoritative website with the best information. 

By following the best SEO practices and link building techniques from the start, you’ll create the highest quality, most useful, most valuable, informative content that your potential readers, customers and prospects want and need to have.

By doing this the search engines will naturally reward your blog or business by putting you in front of the right audience.





SEMrush is a #1 top recommended SEO tool worldwide, that I use and can provide you with a customized digital audit and competitor analysis including all the proper content insights and SEO strategies you need to take your website or business to the next level. 

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First Step to Improve Your Website Traffic

If you’re not seeing adequate traffic or engagement from Google consistently, the best thing is to get started is with a high-quality WEBSITE SCAN AND ANALYSIS from SEMrush to see where you stand amongst your competitors and what you need to do to improve your content.

Start by setting the foundation to increase your website traffic, get help choosing the right keywords, start outperforming your competition, and finally start getting a significant return from your efforts and investments!

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You don’t have to lose your mind mastering SEO yourself!


Get all the latest SEO help, insights and tools you need to grow your traffic and get more website visitors today with SEMrush!

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