Creative Content Strategies to Elevate Your Visibility and Generate Revenue Online
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Looking to massively increase your online visibility but don’t have the budget for a glossy marketing firm or the time to promote your business effectively online? 

Maintaining a strong and consistent online presence is CRUCIAL once you’ve established your website and business online. 

Whether you’re a blogger, a small business, a content creator, run an e-commerce shop, sell digital products or run a service-based business your niche audience is looking for you. 

As a prominent online visibility consultant, I specialize in helping thousands of busy and motivated entrepreneurs, creators and small businesses around the globe who are finally ready to scale their business and grow their profits online from anywhere!

Learn how you can skyrocket your presence online with free strategies, on a low budget so you can reach more of your ideal audience, establish yourself as an authority in your niche, get explode your Google traffic, and ultimately increase your revenue, all without burning a hole through your wallet, having a large staff, or carving out more time in your day.


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Social Media Strategies

Social media marketing is a high value low-cost way to market your business while allowing you to receive more leads, more connections, increased engagement, and most importantly improves your bottom line! Dollar for dollar it can’t be beat!

Who it’s for:
Creative entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Being a business owner, chances are you’re so busy running your business that the last thing you want to think about is taking the time to promote it through social media or hiring an expensive marketing agency to do it for you. 

What’s included:

  • – An individual analysis of your current social media presence
  • – A review of your business goals and activities
  • – Review of your current products, services, market and target audience to determine your future direction
  • – Competitor Analysis (learn how you stack up)
  • – Keyword Research and Analytics
  • – Search Engine Visibility
  • – Top Content Analysis
  • – Position Tracking  
  • – Organic Search & SEO Ranking
  • – Mentions of you and your competitor’s brand across the web (this gives you a distinct advantage)
  • – Input on how to improve your site’s rank
  • – A publishing plan related to your niche designed to attract engagement and a following

Who it’s for:

Anyone who is not seeing adequate traffic or engagement from Google consistently and wants to see where you stand amongst your competitors.

Start setting the foundation to increase your business, choose the right keywords, outperform your competition, and finally start getting a significant return from your efforts and investments!

What’s included:

  • – relevant keywords & keyphrases that satisfy search intent
  • – creating inbound and outbound links
  • – making sure your site is mobile friendly and fast
  • – high quality, valuable content
  • – a blog to establish authority
  • – high quality visuals, multimedia and infographics
  • – a solid architecture and UX design
  • – an ‘indexable’ webpage 
  • – proper meta tags, Header tags, URLs, correcting broken links, creating re-directs, canonical tags, and much, much more! 

Who it’s for:

Smart creators, businesses and marketers working needing a content strategy populated with content to delight and engage their audiences.

What’s included:

New topics and mediums, and the latest strategies brands need to communicate with their audience in the future.

To ensure that you stay ahead of the competition, start now. Create a smart optimized content marketing strategy in real time bearing in mind the latest emerging trends and technologies. 

what do i do next?

1. Step One

Determine what your short and long-term goals are and what you really want to achieve from your website, ecommerce store, blog or online business.

Whether it’s more likes, more follows, more engagement, grow your authority or build monetization methods we can help determine how you can accomplish your goals.

2. Step Two

When it comes to ranking higher on the web, nothing compares to having a customized digital website competitive analysis and audit.

An audit gives you a crystal-clear view into what your audience is really searching for and why you’re not receiving the clicks and conversions you need!

3. Step Three

Contact me and let’s discuss your objectives, what’s been working for you and what hasn’t! 

I take a case-by-case tailored approach and offer you actionable recommendations to improve your digital tactics and determine real time metrics to develop strategies that will improve your bottom line. 

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