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Why You Need a Digital Website Analysis

Showing up or being ‘visible’ on the web to the right prospects should be every website and businesses’ #1 priority today.

If your target clients are not finding you something is amiss.

When it comes to ranking your web pages higher on the internet, nothing compares to getting a customized digital website competitive analysis for complete insights into what’s wrong. 

You can search for clues via tools like Google Analytics but as a business owner it’s hard to find the time and get enough expertise to decipher all the ever-changing updates and detailed technicalities of every moving part of your current digital strategy and what’s needed to fix it.

Imagine you’re looking under the hood of an exotic sports car. Even if you are familiar with the basic parts, you might not have all the knowledge to get the optimum results with the tools you currently have. That’s a huge waste of time, money and effort. 

I take a case-by-case customized approach, formulate a side-by-side snapshot in depth summary of your digital footprint, along with your top competitors, and offer my custom recommendations for improvement. 

 I help increase your SEO organic search tactics, content optimization and social media strategies using the latest software and technology to determine real time metrics. 

And most importantly I help determine what YOUR specific audience is looking for. 

My digital website analysis techniques will give you a clear view into the queries your prospects are searching for and why you’re not receiving the clicks, engagement and conversions you need. 

Below are just a few of the items I give you feedback on and solutions to…



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“This is my first time using the services offered by Emily and I am amazed. Totally professional, content is spot on and the service was completed really fast. I highly recommend her and her team. AweSome job!!!” – Kerry Brooks
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