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Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not we all go through periods in our life where we all need more money! The cost of housing and living in the US is getting astronomical and saving money for many is a difficult task. Whether you’re going through a job loss, experiencing a career change, trying to budget to pay for daycare or send the kids to college, go on vacation, paying off debt or just need more money there are things you can do TODAY to find extra money, save, and put more in your budget! I’ve decided to round up some of the most experienced finance bloggers on the internet to share with you their best money making and saving hacks.


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If saving money were such a simple act everyone could do it. But there’s a lot involved and how many times have your efforts been thwarted due to family emergencies, job layoffs, a unexpected house, baby or auto expense, medical bills, frivolous spending or some other set back. Especially if you’re a one income family or starting up a new business on your own money is tight.

The list can go on and one with reasons for not saving enough money. These posts can hopefully give you some actionable ideas to put into place to develop some great habits to make saving and making more money a lot easier.


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Best Ways to Save More Money

Most of us know it is smart to save money for those big-ticket items we really want to buy such as a cruise to the Caribbean or new car or down payment on a home. These would be considered short-term saving goals. Setting goals for all types of saving is an essential tool for achieving success.

So much money is wasted by the spontaneous purchasing habits many of us use to purchase goods. By planning and setting a goal, we can take advantage of purchasing items, most that we don’t have to have right now, in a much more intelligent fashion.

We can do more research about which item might be more suited to our personal circumstances. This also allows us to time our purchase to take advantage of seasonal clearances, close out models, or tax-free holiday periods that many states have instituted today, thus realizing large discounts off the price.

By aiming for having the money saved by a certain date to take advantage of these types of cost savings, we are more likely to stick to our goal of saving the money to pay for these purchases.



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Long Term Money Saving Goals

Long term plans for saving money are primarily for our retirement dreams.

It may seem far off but the sooner you start the better. This is by far the most important saving goal we can set, and a lot of thought and attention needs to go into developing a solid plan to make this work.

We need to assess what types of programs are available under our circumstances such as employer sponsored plans or if you are self-employed the choices available for entrepreneurs. In this type of money savings plan, it is almost essential that an automatic withdrawal and deposit type situation is set up so as to make it effortless and regular.

This way you can adjust your spending around what is left, and we learn to live on that amount without much effort.


Develop your saving money plans and stick to them

Whether it is your short term or long-term saving money goals, you need to have a plan for accomplishing those goals.

The short-term plans could be as simple as throwing your spare change in a jar at home or taking all the single dollar bills in your pocket at the end of each day and putting them in the bank each month in a savings account.

The long-term money saving goals however need a more sophisticated plan and need to be combined with an investment program that will provide the necessary returns on your assets to meet those retirement goals.

There are both savings and investment programs that are targeted for just about anyone who wants to be able to realize a consistent above average return on their money and still control the risk level.

The savings part of the program can even help you find money to save.


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Also, since most people are very busy today with work and family issues, and don’t have time to spend tending to their investment program, the fact that these programs only need an annual checkup and minor adjustment fits most people to a tee.

Check out the link to the free webinar below by NY Times bestselling Author Nick Ortner.

It can help you develop more positive patterns and energy systems to make sure you don’t have any subconscious mind blocking issues that can hinder financial success, and can help to ensure that all your financial dreams come true.


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Here are 21 inspiring posts from some of the most popular finance bloggers on the web to help you save and make more money! Enjoy!

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I hope these amazing ideas from these top bloggers will help kickstart your methods and achieve your goals to start making and saving more money for you and your family!

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