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Is your website making these SEO mistakes? With the advent of 600 million blogs on the web now out of 1.9 billion websites, SEO takes a completely new turn. With competition like that your blog or business needs to do everything possible to avoid making unnecessary SEO mistakes that keep your site from getting penalized or worse. Here are 5 deadly SEO mistakes your business needs to avoid now. 

For the beginner blogger or website owner, SEO can be downright daunting!

Even with convenient built-in SEO plugins, it’s easier than ever to have SEO run on autopilot, however, this doesn’t mean that it’s nearly enough to have your web pages rank high.

SEO updates can literally change overnight, and website and business owners must always be on their toes to avoid losing necessary traffic.

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Web developers need to focus on Core Web Vitals.

Core web vitals focus on optimizing your website to create the most user-friendly design and creative content that is most relevant to your audience.

If you want to build your business online – it’s vital that you learn about various digital marketing practices that serve that purpose.

Or you can hire expert SEO software or a consultant.

In most cases, you have to spend a little bit of money to market your business, products or services.

Much of the time is spent on promotion and improving your image and reputation in the form of building authenticity with your audience. 

For all of this, SEO serves as the lifeline of all online marketing because search engine results are where your audience lives. 

Because after all, what use is all that hard work of writing and researching if your hidden on page 10 of search engines?

Google Core Algorithm Updates

As we well know Google has been updating its algorithms with some strict rules and keeping SEO professionals on their toes.

Panda, Hummingbird, and Penguin are all the different names given to updates done in the search algorithms by Google.

Don’t ignore the Algorithm updates! They can affect your traffic significantly and you want to keep abreast of what’s going on.

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Avoiding SEO mistakes is crucial to your business and while done properly could bring your site to the top search engine results.

Deviations, however, could have you catapulted out of the search engine results and leave your blog or website either penalized or worse yet…. LOST IN CYBERSPACE.

That’s the very last thing any website owner or blogger wants!

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If you are an aspiring search engine optimization professional, a company looking to build up your traffic strategy or a blogger or business currently deploying SEO strategies for marketing…

Here are the 5 deadly SEO mistakes to avoid

1. SEO Mistake – Ignoring the Mobile Users:

We already knew that mobile searches on Google have surpassed the desktop searches. If you are still ignoring the mobile users while creating an SEO strategy for your business, then believe me you are going to lose out on a bunch of sales.

Generally, people consider page speed optimization is the only factor to target mobile users, but this is not the end of the world.

If you have a separate mobile website, then you need to take care of following points while targeting the mobile users:

• Present short and catchy web pages content to mobile users
• Plan separate header and Meta tags (Not keywords focused) to target the mobile users
• Use short contact forms on the mobile website.

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2. SEO Mistake – Not Mastering the Keywords

Knowing your business-related keywords and key phrases is one thing and mastering them is another.

Being a master in keyword research, you should have understanding, which keywords will help to get sales and which keywords and phrases will work to build brand awareness.

You can’t mix both of them, so make a separate list of sales related keywords and brand awareness keywords.

Use SEO and marketing tools like the Jaaxy Keywords planner, SEMrush, Google Trends, Google free tool, Wordstream, and others, to find the best keywords for your business.

Master the keywords, see what your top competitors are ranking for. If you don’t have time or if your budget allows you can hire someone for the job.


There was a time when the quantity of building links was more important than quality.

If we talk about the present day, Google has cracked down severely on low quality and spammy links and other links that were trying to manipulate Google’s ranking in many ways.

Well, the key to link-building success is to generate natural quality links.

Focus on earning the links by sharing good quality and engaging content. Guest blogging, infographics, explainer videos, forums and broken link building methods, etc. are easy and best ways of earning the natural backlinks.

A lot of people hear that incoming links are the only thing that affects search engine rankings, and they say, “Great! I’ll go buy some links.”

You have a myriad of ways to purchase incoming links to your site, including link wheels, link pyramids, buying links in directories, and buying text links.

Unfortunately, none of them work for long-term SEO.

Buying links might work short-term (six months at most), but Google will always ferret you out.

When that happens, you will either lose all the ranking you gained from buying links and go back to where you started — or worse.

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How to Get More Backlinks to Rank Higher on Google

Always remember that Google can (and will) penalize you for trying to game the system and doing so can make it impossible for you to rank for any search engine term.

Google can even ban you from ranking in the search engines completely.

You don’t want to get a smack on the wrist from Google. The company’s punishments are understandably harsh, and you don’t want to trifle with the Big G.

If you have a site that you intend to build for a long time, you should never, ever buy links from anyone.

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4. SEO Mistake – Not Structuring Your Website Properly

Has it happened to you at any point in time that you watched a great movie with great acting, dialogues and material but you thought that some scenes were pointless, or the structure was totally off?

The same goes for your website.


11 Essentials You Can’t Ignore for Your New Website

How your website is structured is extremely important for your SEO strategies.

The architectural structure of your website should be extremely smooth and easy to navigate so spider bots from search engines should be able to move from one page to another and the pages deep in the layers of your website easily.

SEMrush can give you an overall SEO checker view of suggestions that you can use to improve your SEO.

Along with a competitor analysis so you can see what’s working for your competition, if you have toxic backlinks and much more. It’s quite elaborate and really dives deep into important SEO facets you need to rank higher.

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How can you make your website structure user-friendly?

Here are the few easy and effective ways:

Make your website URL structure neat and clean.

Another SEO tool I use is Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest where you can get a site audit, keyword suggestions, content ideas and see which backlinks you have for free and how you rank in general.

It’s quite an amazing and you can use it for free up to a few pages.

View your data without leaving your WordPress Site


5. SEO Mistake – Not Going Social

If you are still a business or blogger who thinks, social networking websites aren’t meant for your business then you need a big renovation of your thoughts.

Social media is either a friend or enemy of businesses today.

Social media marketing has the power to take your business to new heights or bring you down on the ground within a week.

With this in mind – social media doesn’t impact SEO on your website directly per say, but it still is a factor that Google looks at.

Share your excellent content on your social platforms. Be creative with your content. Share your business-related content, not AS business content but as information that is genuinely interesting and appealing.

And then share to directories, live stream to YouTube, TikTok and more.


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There are over 200 ranking factors that Google uses to determine if your website is deemed good enough to rank on PAGE 1!

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