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We all hit a wall sometimes and get that inevitable block of ideas. Granted, there are tens of billions of ideas out there it would seem in theory ‘easy’ to pick something out. Here are 200 of the most profitable blog post ideas for you!

To have inspiration kick in on a daily basis is a lot to ask of any blogger. Not only that, when writing for an audience you have to put yourself in their place and look at the problems troubling people enough to make them actively seek you out and want to take the time to actually read what you have to say.

When searching for blog post ideas think to yourself what are you trying to convey? What message do you want to send? Remembering your ‘WHY’, your purpose will often put you on the right path. This post is a list of some ideas that will hopefully give you some sparks and inspiration towards writing your next awesome blog article!

I’ve separated these into niches:

Grab some of these 200 ideas and get to work on your next amazing blog post and zap that writer’s block into submission!;)

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200 Profitable Blog Post Ideas!

Blog post idea – General Blogging Tips

  1. Best Tools for Bloggers
  2. Free Tools for Bloggers
  3. Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers
  4. How To Choose a Theme for Your Blog
  5. How To Find Graphics for Your Blog
  6. How To Choose a Niche
  7. Common Mistakes To Avoid While Blogging
  8. How to Avoid Blogger Burnout
  9. 10 Ways to Monetize Your Blog
  10. How to Stay Motivated Working From Home
  11. 5 Most Profitable Niche Blogs
  12. How To Promote Your Blog
  13. How to Use Pinterest to Get Massive Traffic
  14. How to Choose a Social Media Platform for Your Blog
  15. How to Do a Round Up Post
  16. Interview Your Favorite Bloggers
  17. How Get more website traffic Other Bloggers Helps Your Blog
  18. How To Start a Successful Blog from Day ONE
  19. Income Reports
  20. Reasons Why Some Blogs Fail
  21. How To Master SEO for Your Blog
  22. Best SEO Plugins for Your Blog
  23. 5 Top Blogging Courses I Recommend
  24. How to Choose a Hosting Company for your Blog
  25. Why I love Blogging
  26. Why Blogging is a Great Career
  27. How Much Money Can You Make as a Blogger
  28. How I Quit My Job and Became a Full Time Blogger
  29. The Top Affiliate Programs For Your Blog
  30. The Newbie’s Guide to Blogging
  31. Welcome to the Blogosphere – What you need to know
  32. How To Stay Organized as a Blogger
  33. How To Pick a Name for Your Blog
  34. How To Start a Food Blog
  35. The Best Optins for Your Blog
  36. Why Email Is Better Than Social Media for Your Blog
  37. How to Create videos for your blog
  38. How to Create products for your blog
  39. Top 10 digital products for your blog
  40. A Day in the Life of a Blogger

Blog Post Idea – Beauty Blog Posts

  1. Favorite moisturizing products
  2. Best Cruelty Free Brands
  3. Travel makeup must haves
  4. Budget beauty items
  5. How to create a beauty blog
  6. Hottest coral pantone makeup
  7. How to switch up daytime to nighttime makeup
  8. Wedding makeup must haves
  9. Skincare products for tanning
  10. Top moisturizing products
  11. Top beauty Youtubers
  12. The best subscription Beauty Products
  13. The Not Worth the price beauty products
  14. Before and After Looks
  15. Vegan vs Cruelty Free Beauty Products 
  16. Vegan Brand Cosmetics
  17. How to apply false lashes
  18. Everything about eyelash extensions
  19. Recommended Hair products for Dry hair/oily hair
  20. Suffering from Hair loss?
  21. Recommended products for Acne
  22. Stop shedding eyelashes and thinning brows!
  23. Pretty Summer/Fall Make up Ideas
  24. Best Organic safe tampons
  25. Best Organic makeup available
  26. Best Cruelty free skincare on the market
  27. Best Furless Makeup Brushes
  28. Best Makeup organizers
  29. 100 Black Owned Beauty Companies
  30. Best organic supplements for growing hair
  31. Longest lasting nail polish
  32. Is Gel polish worth it?
  33. Best vegan tooth whitening products
  34. Top facial scrubs
  35. How to create a smokey cat eye
  36. Best beauty hacks, tips, tricks etc
  37. Should you get botox?
  38. Best Beauty Companies that don’t test on animals
  39. Best cruelty free beauty products from Amazon
  40. Vegan Fashion and Accessories You Must Have

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Blog Post Idea – Health/Food Blog Posts

  1. Top 10 foods for fast weight loss
  2. Best foods for your brain
  3. Easy weeknight meals in 15 mins or less
  4. Healthy lunches that give you stamina
  5. Top cocktails that don’t cause weight gain
  6. Keto recipes
  7. Yummy Keto desserts
  8. How to lose weight fast on the Keto diet
  9. 80 Ways to heal your gut
  10. How to stop binge eating
  11. Top high protein organic smoothies
  12. How collagen can boost your health
  13. Amazing benefits of turmeric
  14. Should you become a vegetarian/vegan?
  15. Benefits of eating organic
  16. Your Daily Food diary
  17. How to eat on a budget
  18. 10 Smoothie recipes
  19. 21 Snacks if you have diabetes
  20. Keto snacks on the go
  21. What happens when you give up alcohol for a week?
  22. How to live with food allergies
  23. How to do a detox cleanse
  24. The benefits of raw honey
  25. Bee Pollen the super supplement!
  26. Clean eating recipes
  27. Best type of protein powder 
  28. Cures for insomnia
  29. Date night ideas
  30. Best foods for your sex life
  31. Foods that make you younger
  32. How to cure anxiety
  33. Best foods to help cure inflammation
  34. 50 snacks under 100 calories
  35. Foods that make you feel full
  36. Low carb cocktails
  37. Smart choice foods during the Holidays
  38. Lowest calorie desserts at Thanksgiving
  39. Best exercises during pregnancy
  40. How to make great meals when you have no time
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Relationships Blog Posts

  1. Tips to stay madly in love with you SO
  2. How to connect with your spouse
  3. Special Anniversary travel ideas
  4. 100 affirmations
  5. How to set boundaries in relationships
  6. 10 discussions you must have with your partner
  7. How to know he/she loves you
  8. Is your SO a Narcissist?
  9. Are you in a Co-dependent relationship?
  10. How to survive a long distance relationship
  11. 10 ways to keep the spark alive
  12. How to improve your sex life
  13. Are they marriage material?
  14. So you’re moving in together..
  15. How to make your relationship a priority
  16. 13 day love challenge
  17. Love quizzes
  18. Sex quizzes
  19. How to get over jealousy
  20. Is the ex still in the picture?
  21. How to get over your ex
  22. How to have a blended family
  23. How to get over infidelity
  24. How to trust your partner
  25. Couple goals and dreams
  26. Inexpensive date ideas
  27. Hot text messages to send to your SO
  28. Amazing get aways for couples
  29. Is this person your soul mate?
  30. Are you ready for kids? 
  31. Should you get a dog together?
  32. How to resolve your conflicts?
  33. How to deal with a control freak
  34. How to fall out of love
  35. Reasons to get married
  36. What to do if your partner is a slob
  37. How to deal with your cheap boyfriend
  38. How to spice up a sexless relationship
  39. How to really listen to your partner
  40. Amazing toys for adult couples 
Money bills rolled up
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Money Blog Post Ideas

  1. 100 creative ways to make money
  2. Side hustles to make money
  3. Freelance jobs 
  4. How to Make Money Online
  5. How to Make Money online without a website
  6. How to blog and make money
  7. Best ways to save money
  8. Your relationship with money
  9. Best apps to save money
  10. Is money your friend or foe?
  11. Money saving tips while grocery shopping
  12. How to pay off debt
  13. How to make more money
  14. How to make money with affiliate marketing
  15. How to Earn financial freedom
  16. How to pay off student loans
  17. Best money investing apps
  18. Restaurants that offer freebies on your birthday
  19. Beauty stores that offer freebies on your birthday
  20. Legitimate ways to make money remotely
  21. How I made $10,000 with my blog
  22. How to write and get paid part time
  23. Interesting ways to make money on or offline
  24. How to stop wasting money
  25. 17 apps to sell anything and get quick cash
  26. How to organize your finances
  27. The snowball method to pay down debt fast
  28. How to save $500 in 31 days
  29. Make money budget printables
  30. Earn $5,000 per month with THIS affiliate marketing course
  31. 10 financial habits that will make you rich
  32. Top interest paying savings and checking accounts
  33. The Ultimate Financial checklist
  34. How to budget painlessly
  35. Beginners Guide to Stock Investing
  36. No fee investing 
  37. Things you are wasting money on
  38. Crush your financial goals this year
  39. 8 creative ways to pay off debt
  40. 20 ways to treat yourself when you are broke!

There you have it! 200 awesome blog post ideas for when the writers block strikes you. Remember these tips:

What is a cause that you feel passionate about?

What do you love to do the most? What do you feel will help your readers out the most?

What Do Money Making Bloggers All Have in Common?

The most successful bloggers who have gone on to earn $100,000 or more per month all share a few key secrets:

• They were in it for the long haul. They have a real driving passion and love for what they’re writing about, and they don’t lose interest in their subject.

There’s a never-ending list of subniches within their niche that they can expand upon.

• They were not blogging just for the money. They earn money from blogging because they’ve mastered their subject and they thrive on sharing their ideas with other people.

• They were either a master in their subject, or they were willing to become one. If you write about something you have lived, you will have a better understanding of what your audience wants and needs. Go for it!

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